NVIDIA has started providing the updates through OTA that is over the air updates of the android version 4.3 for the NVIDIA Tegra note tablets. NVIDIA also said that the update will also be available through OTA in the devices that are globally sold by different vendors such as ADVENT, Gigabyte, ZOTAC, XOLO, etc.

The new features that are made available in the update include direct stylus help option. Another major feature that is availed in the new update is the feature of high range capacity phone. This update will also be available to the OEMs as stated by the company itself. The phone has also various security options addition.

The latest features that are availed in this new update is as follows:

  • Tegra NOTE 7's camera gets always-on high-dynamic range (AOHDR) capability for more lifelike images across a range of lighting conditions.
  • Android 4.3 Operating System.
  • Direct Stylus help option under the device setting’s menu
  • Added video stabilization for shake-free video
  • Stylus removal and insert notification on the notification bar
  • Ability to transfer app and data files from internal memory to an external micro SD card.
  • Ability to capture the notification bar with full-screen capture
  • Tuning and optimizations to improve camera performance under certain lighting conditions.
  • Tegra NOTE stylus now has support for left-handed users
  • Improvements in overall stylus response
  • Security and bug fixes