Recently many new apps have shown up for the safety of women. Few companies have even gone to the extent of designing new handset with SOS button for safety of women. Now Microsoft India has launched a new Guardian app for that is meant for the safety of women.

This app is available for the Windows phone users. The app features track me that would let the users to select few contacts that could track them any time. This app would use Bing Map API’s and Microsoft windows Azure cloud service. In case of any emergency the app would send alert to pre determined contacts via mails and even make a facebook post on the users behalf including the details of the location.

SOS alert can be linked to police, hospitals and other security agencies too. due to many events raising questions towards women’s safety in India, such apps are being made. A similar app was launched by Notion Ink for android platform.

The app is available for free and can be downloaded from the windows phone store.