Hey GTA Fans, i got something very useful and interesting. Specially for those who are playing GTA 5 Online, will you like to made millions of money in the game in short time? Just like all other games, even Grand Theft Auto 5 also has many glitches, but there is one very important glitch which is still hidden from many and it lets you make millions in one hour. But there is a major thing that will be required by you is a sum of 1 million in the game to make another million. Then only you can accomplish this glitch. If you have the same, here is what you need to do.

In order to make use of this glitch first of all you need to invite your friend with invite only game. When both of you enter the game you both need to reach the garage and see to it that the garage is full with cars and also you need to see to it that your friend stays in the garage itself till the end of the glitch.

When your garage is full, you need to purchase a Z type car from the Legendary Sports that is going to cost you $ 950,000. But as your garage is full it will ask you for replacement to be done with one of your cars that is already in the garage. Then you will re spawn anywhere in the map so you go back to garage where you will not be able to see your friend but you will see that the car you asked for replacement will have been replaced.

Now ask your friend to re invite you in the old game and when you go into your old game, you will be able to see your friend and will see that the stack of the cars is duplicated stacked in the garage one over the other. Now you take these cars to Los Santom Custom and sell the cars and do this process repeatedly for an hour and keep a check that your friend stays in the garage itself. This will make you really very rich within an hour itself. For further reference view the Caspahz video that is uploaded on the YouTube.