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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview

    Samsung shocked everyone after releasing Galaxy Round. This is the first phone by Samsung that came with a curved screen. And now the rumor about Galaxy S5 started out in the market. We will checkout a short preview on this upcoming device. We will discuss how this mobile would be and what can be the features.

    QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution:

    Many say that this device will be low on characteristic. I don't know why, but somehow these things are provided through various news. This time Samsung is going to give you a sleek but powerful device, but might reduce something which makes Galaxy S4 a bit better. Samsung looks scarcely working in the production of Galaxy S5 with curved screens. The volume supply will be limited this time. It is not finally confirmed whether Samsung will continues the same Galaxy Round curved screen with S5 or will keep it straight but it is going to have a QHD display. This new display will offer a resolution up to 2560x1440 pushing mobile display limit to maximum.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is considered as much higher compare to other models having full HD display. Samsung always tries to bring up something new with its new launch that surprises other manufacturers. Design is what matters a lot for people with the build quality. Samsung is not willing to make their high end devices durable like Sony does. From long time Samsung focused on using plastic element the keep the device lighter but does not give any protection. And adding case makes it heavy and think.

    New PLS LCD Screen:

    The display will have PLCS LCD. This new type of display will put major impact on the cost of device. It is said that by adding this cost of upcoming Galax S5 will be reduced to 20%. This display is already applied on Nexus 10 and Note 10.1. Making device affordable looks to be on the top of list. This would be the first flagship model that will adopt the 64-bit processor directly competing the new iPhone.
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview

    Exynos 6 chipset:

    Samsung has not unveiled it, but soon we will get the news. The new 64bit processor will offer more powerful processing, better gaming and high multi-tasking output. This new chip is based on ARM design that helps them to optimize a 64bit core on the mobile circuit. For chipset this time Samsung is going to use 14nm Exynos 6 chipset. This new chipset is upgraded due to the 64bit processor. The chipset offer more powerful features over existing model. Apple came up with the Fingerprint scanner for the first time. This was later on adopted by LG that is applied on the backside Samsung is planning to add an Eye scanner in Galaxy S5.

    Eye Scanner:

    You can now unlock the device through your eye. It will also have a fingerprint sensor in it. This would make Galaxy S5 one of the most secure phones in the market. As I was first talking about plastic element used in this phone, this time it looks Samsung can change mind. But this is not 100% sure.

    Waterproof packaging:

    We can expect a waterproof design which s very important for high end phone. For OS we will obviously have Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. This updated OS will boost the app output.
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