There are some smart thing that you can do no your Android phone and excite others. Adding an invisible lock is one thing. From upside your phone might look have an unlocked screen, but when sometime try to access it will not allow the same? This is an amazing trick through which you can surprise your friends. Here I am going to test this on Nexus 7 tablet. This process works both for Smartphone and tablets.

You can enjoy a nice lock screen on the screen but it is not visible. You can keep the phone in your pocket you can checkout instant notification. This is also for those who don't like to press the power key again and again lo unlock the screen. There is a widget support enable the process. This remains on the home screen.

This thing has different kind of locking options. You can use them also if you don't like the invisible part here. This is also called as using a transparent screen lock. Which can allow you to see the background but it won work? You have to add a gesture or pattern to unlock the same. This adds a bit change to the existing style of adding lock screen. So letís move ahead with the process.

Installation Process:

  • The first thing you have to do is download the lock screen widget on your mobile or tablet. You can find that on Google Play. You have to search for Invisible Lock Screen. It is a free app and easy to configure also.
  • The second thing here is to configure the widget so that it can act as an invisible lock on the home screen.
  • Once installed in the device you have to go in the widget section of your phone. You have to hold it and then you will have to play it on your home screen. The widget is not visible. You just have to remember the place where you have placed the widget. If you forget that you will not be able to unlock.
  • Select Activate to turn it on. Once it is not the app will work on the background. From the app men you can also turn off the lock. You can find invisible widget there.
  • If you are not happy with the same then you can remove it. You have to remove through Google play. Visit the same page and choose uninstall.