PS4 is an amazing new console offering you great graphics and nice output. The new console has more option and support for portable platform like PS Vista. The hand held console is ideal for playing games but also you can go ahead with the same to control your console. There are some options available for the same. So if you have a PS Vita with you, you can use that to manage your console. It is quiet easy. This is just like converting your PS Vita to a PS4 console remote.

The process is quiet easy here. Recently PS4 has come up with an android application through which you can control the console through a tablet. So letís move ahead with the process of using PS Vita as a remote for PS4. If you had done through before no a Smartphone then the setup is quiet similar to that. All you need to do is add the device and the console will give you a pair code. You have to type that and done. You will be able to play games through the PS Vita also.


  • Go in PS Vita Link App. You can find that in the e portable console.
  • From here you have to one option from Second Screen and Remote Play. Choose Remote Play.
  • Once you press it you will get a screen with a pair code. This code will be used by the console to identify PS Vita.
  • For adding the pair code turn on your PS4.
  • Go in the settings section and go inside PS Vita Connection Settings.
  • Under that select Connect Directly to PS Vita.
  • Now select Add Device. Thanks all. Enter the code and enjoy.

If you are facing any connection issue then try to repair after restarting the console. This might help you to resolve the issue. To play a game you use PS Vita for navigation. You can choose a game and launch it. You can also use it on internet.