We all know the media server capability of Xbox console. This is not available on PS4. It is an important feature that Sony does not offer in its console. While compare to Xbox One, might be costly but come loaded with media server support. You can use it like a centralized file system to keep or stream all your media content. Now in this guide I am going to show you the process of using Live TV on your console. This is also possible and you don't need any third party system for that.

Xbox One supports Live TV through HDMI cable. You can get high quality screen output. This console is really smart and good for gaming and multimedia both. It has fairly simple methods through which you can do many things on. Like you can use it like a music player. You can play your favorite videos not the same, you can also use it for web surfing. The default web browser is smart enough to open up all the pages. So here letís move ahead with configuration of Live TV on Xbox One.


  • You will need a good quality hdmi cable. Connect the Xbox Console and TV together through HDMI cable. Once it is connected we will go ahead with the live TV setup guide.
  • You have to go in settings. There you can find an option called as TV and One Guide. It is listed on the top side. Use the consol controller and select it.
  • The second option is to choose the cable TV provider. There is huge number of providers available in the list. You can also locate the same through adding your zip code. You will get all the details of cable box information on the screen.
  • Now you have got back on the OnGuide Menu and there you have to choose Devices. AT the top side you we see the TV brand you are using.
  • If this is not available then it might not work. It is essential that the TV must get listed. If is not then the TV is not compatible at all.

That's all. Select your TV and view online programs.