PS4 is the latest console offering you best graphics and good output. The console has a game controller through which you can play games and also use the same to checkout new apps. Somehow the controllers are not enough for controlling the entire console and offer full settings. You have controls which are limited to left, right, down, etc. To right you will have to just keep on moving the controls front and back. This becomes a bit complicated to handle and control. And there is no way you can use a pc keyboard on the console.

So here I am going to show you some options through which you can control the consoles through an android tablet or Smartphone. Android is a nice versatile platform through which you can a lot number of things. Thanks to some apps and internal settings through which you can control the console and manage your work. This can be done nicely through Play station App which is available on Google Play. This app offers you simple settings and easy way to control the console and you can also type faster on the same.

The same app is also available for iOS. So here you can control your console through two things. One is an android tablet/smart hone and second through iOS tablet/Smartphone. This app allows you to use the tablet like a keyboard.


  • Download and install PS4 App on your Android or iOS device
  • Once done you have to use your PSN account to use it. Sign in with your email and password.
  • Once you are done with that the next thing you have to do is add the PS4 system in the app. This will be later on used for syncing purpose.
  • Turn on your console and then in your tablet or mobile phone launch the app.
  • Go in the Settings panel and in that go in the App Connection Settings.
  • Look for Add Device. You can see a pair number. You ha to type this in the connected device. This will connect the tablet or Smartphone with the console through internet.
  • Once done you can see a keyboard options. You have to tap on that to use it. This app is very simple to use and offer you easy control over you console.