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Thread: How to speed up Internet Browsing on Mac OS X

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    How to speed up Internet Browsing on Mac OS X

    Mac OS X is an awesome platform when it comes to personal computing. You have everything packed in one place. There is nothing to worry about performance and security. Web surfing is the most common thing we all do. We go on web checkout new pages and get information. Btu what is your internet browsing is slow. The default browser Safari is not giving you maximum output. You are getting pages load slowly. Here I am going to give you some smart tips through which you can boost up your internet browsing on Mac OS X. So lets checkout each of them one by one.

    Upgrade to Mavericks:

    Maverick is the latest OS edition by Apple for Mac system. This new operating system has more new feature, it is more optimized and powerful compare to the older edition. So here the first thing you have to check that your system is capable of running Maverick or not. If yes then upgrade instantly doesn’t wait back. You will get many new features in it.

    Wipe out the Web Cache:

    Web cache is build up by browser. They load up the page so that they can open the site faster. But sometime this cache creates an issue I browser performance. If you are having multiple browsers then there will be multiple browser cache in your system. You will have to wipe it out one by one. This will improve the surfing speed.

    Wipe out Temporary files:

    This is another thing which is created by the web browser. When you load any site or when you visit any page if it has a limited content it is loaded in the temporary folder. The same thing is done by add-ons. You must clear your cookies, browsing history and temp folder when you exist the browser. There are some ready to use tool for the same. Cleaning the temp folder add more performance to the browser. It also wipes out old stuff.

    Wipe out Mail Attachment:

    A number of times we download mails and view attachment. But you are not able to see that those attachments are downloaded on your system. They keep occupying space. Download only those which are important. You can delete others. You can checkout which app has what attachment through Quicklook. You can find A Library folder under the default Mail app folder. Remove the things which are not needed and frees up some space.

    Wipe out all Download:

    This consume the default download folder. When you download software and install it the setup file is still left. In the same way images, text files, add-ons and many things are left in the download folder. The browser need some time to load all due to which it gets slow. So you must remove it when it is not required. This would be an easy way of boosting the download also.
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    Re: How to speed up Internet Browsing on Mac OS X

    Malware and Spyware Protection:

    Us a good security software in your system. No OS is safe here. Malware and Spyware consume your internet bandwidth. They will redirect you to different places. You must use a good anti-malware or anti-spyware scanner. There are all in one protection suite also available. Use them to wipe out everything and this also make your system secure.

    Clean Desktop:

    Do not keep your desktop loaded with stuff. Kept it clean. You can keep all you files in a folder. This increase the boot time. And leave shortcut of important files only. I always keep thing organize. I had seen people they keep their desktop loaded with tons of which later on increase the load time.

    This are some smart thing you can do to make your OS to work better and also faster. Other things you can do are disable startup program. This is a common practice done by many. Startup program halt the system. You can turn them off from System Preferences. You can find the details of program on Activity monitor. Remove the software which you are not using. Like toolbar, site bar and many other things. Keep your system neat and clean. Download and install a duplicate file delete. This will wipe out duplicate file and clean the disk space.
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