Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra finally get Android 4.3 Jellybean update. These two devices now get fresh updates through which you can have better performance and nice output. There are other manufacturers who are working on the latest Android 4.4 update while Sony is still behind with Android 4.3. They had consumed a long time to bring this update their high end devices. This is considered as minor update which will also add the fresh Jellybean features in the mobile phone. In the month of July of this year Sony Xperia Z was launched. After that the update was expected soon but Sony came up with Xperia Z1.

Both the devices were launched with Android 4.2 Jellybean OS. Now you can go ahead with Android 4.3 update to get a bit more enhancements in the performance and output. The new OS will add more stability and some additional features which are not yet reveled. The update is already rolled out that you can see in your software update section.

This new update might bring you a better UI optimization. That means the phone will work faster and give better performance compared to what you were getting in the previous Android 4.2 update. The same update is also bringing up Sony Social camera for Xperia Z ultra. This was not available before. Social camera allows you to instantly capture photos and upload them on Facebook. That is the fastest way of sharing images.

New Sony apps are updated and loaded with more performance. Optimization will bring out better battery output also. For media app like Walkman, Album and Movies you can gain more output. IF you rare facing lagging or freeing issue then this can be resolved through new update. In the new update Sony also offer you a pack of new Xperia Themes. You can download them and apply on your device.

The update is rolled out in other countries but for India we might have to wait more.