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Thread: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

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    Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    Finally Nokia decided to come up with android Smartphone. Here Normandy is the first product line which falls in the android category. There are high hopes from Nokia when it comes to Android. Manufacturer like Samsung has gain good popularity after releasing its Galaxy Series. After acquired by Microsoft Nokia was pressuring hard on offering Windows device. We can hope something better here.

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    Re: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    This device is just announced. But it is not fair to expect a good output from the same. Normandy will be something like Asha. A bit bigger. The device will be durable. After windows it is essential to find how Nokia is going to add Android in their device. What will be the features which we are going to get in the same. Other brands offer many new things in their optimized android operating system.

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    Re: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    Nokia took a really long time to finally appear with android and this time they are going to give out a very impressive model. This is just a start.

    It looks Microsoft is going to cover both the platform. The first one will be Windows and the second one will be Android. If Nokia came into android offering Smartphone then I am sure it is a worth company to break the competition.

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    Re: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    Nokia Normandy is smart. Once Nokia came out with full fledge smartphone then surely they will be the highest sold model. The best of Nokia phone is its durability. They are durable and work for longer period compare to Samsung and Sony. I had seen major issue with Samsung. They are not at all durable. And once they have some issue your entire money is wasted. Compare to that Nokia is very nice. I hope I will be able to see Lumia devices with Android soon.

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    Re: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    Here is the latest leaked prototype of Nokia's first ever Android smartphone, Normandy. Have a look:

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    Re: Nokia Normandy - First Android Smartphone from Nokia

    For the first time, a software screenshot has been leaked today in twitter. You must have a look at this:

    This is the image of Nokia's Android phone Normandy which still seems quite similar to Windows phone 8. I dont know how it is named to be Android. I got an info saying that the Android version running here is developed by Nokia itself. It is named as "forked".

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