Rovio now came up with the new Angry Bird Go video game. This game is released for android device. Changing it game play from smashing object to racing will offer a new taste to the players. The game is not just restricted to android. You can play the game on Windows Phone, Blackberry and many other platforms.

The characters are the same. This time you are competition with pigs in racing through different power and upgrades. It works really well and is fast enough to deliver fresh updates to you. This one is a free game which has a kart racer in the same. The game is quiet similar to Mario Kart if you had played this before. It has many angry bird characters. The game comes with different game mode. Which are racing, fruit splat, champion chase, mega match and time boom. You can choose the best one as per your need and play.

In between you can use teleport. This is a smart feature where you can add different character. This game also features a 3d graphic. It is a free game with many in game upgrades. The game is good for all levels. The game is offered on various platforms due to which everyone can enjoy it. Angry Birds is one of the most popular video game for portable platform. Being a free to play game you have tons of great things on the same.