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Thread: Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 Update now available for Droid DNA, features list

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    Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 Update now available for Droid DNA, features list

    I need a feature list of Android 4.2.2 Update. This update was released last month and offers the new Sense 5 update for Droid DNA. I want detail information on the same and also how to perform this update. It is hard to find any information related to the same on the official website. There are different details mentioned which is not associated with my mobile phone.

    I need some help to get more intact details on this new update. Hope someone helps.

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    Re: Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 Update now available for Droid DNA, features list

    If you are looking for a process to run the update on your device then it is simple. You just have to go in the settings panel and there you can have to tap on software update. Then tap on check new. That's all. The mobile phone will download the latest update and add in your phone. I am going to give you more detail information on the same. I got a nice info on it. This update was out a month ago. It is right there is very less details available about the same on web. Now this update will offer you Android 4.2.2 update and also some major changes in the phone. This will add more to the UI and better performance. There are lots of new things in it.

    • After having the update you will get a better HTC Sense 5 UI. This UI is fast and great enough to give you a responsive touch screen.
    • Blink Feed now has support for Touch Tile. So that you can have more details on the home screen. You can also vie comments and updates on the same. The new update offer more personalization to Blink Feed. You can add many new things in it.
    • Quick Settings Panel is further integrated in the Notification panel. Just drag out the notification from top side and at the top right you can tap on Quick Settings.
    • Under Gallery this update add sorting on the basis of location and time. You can view photos on the basis of time take and also on the basis of location as per your need.
    • Under Video you can create a 30 second video highlight. This is done through clips and even pictures based on different events. There are overall 12 themes you can choose from to create a nice video highlight. This is more advance.
    • In Calendar through a simple tapping you can get a drop down menu. This menu all you to switch instantly between week, day, agenda, task, invite etc. This was missing before to navigate anything you have to move the entire calendar. Now you can have a more detail view of task and events in the calendar.
    • The people app which consists of all your contacts from various accounts will now have an option of favorite tab. You can mark people as favorite that adds easy sorting. Design is bit modified and is better. The app is also linked with Blink feed. It will show updates associated with contacts.

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