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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone Review

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    Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone Review

    Mobile phone are getting new look every now and then. Changing technology and requirements of the market has made them smarter and better. There are very few manufacturers who try to achieve the impossible. Offering you an impressive model that can be unique and powerful. Samsung Galaxy Ground is one of them. This new model features a curve shape screen offering great look, good grip and powerful performance. This phone doe not fall short from any angle. It can be ideal companion for your work, entertainment, photography and gaming.

    The phone has a new flexible OLED screen that first appeared in CES 2013. The curve shape gives this phone an amazing look. Till today we had not seen curve displays. So here Samsung would be first one to come up a real curve screen phone. The phone came out in limited stock. It looks Samsung has created a stereotype to first test the product and checkout response on curve screen. Later on they might apply this in their league mobile models. We tested out the phone and we will checkout further whether this is a value for money product or not.


    Curve screen is major highlight in Galaxy Ground. The phone is big enough and has a look similar to the recent high end phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Most of the Samsung models are similar in look. They follow the same bar shape sleek design. Galaxy Round gets a bit different appearance due to the curve display on the front side. The display does not have high curve. It is slightly curved from the center. If look the same from a bit long distance you cannot notice it. This also makes the display very costly. If it is broken or damage, it is hard to find a screen replacement. As I said the design is similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. At the front side a maximum part is covered through 5.68inch screen. It is a big size screen which also makes Samsung Galaxy Round a good phablet. The screen features a full HD resolution. It offers you 1080p output on Super Amoled screen. Bright, crisp and clear.

    The phone provide very nice grip. It is easy to hold. The curve shape fits well while holding it and is not at all slippery. Unlike Note 3, Samsung also adds a nice plastic and leather back cover for Galaxy Round. This makes the phone richer in look. But it does come with S-Pen. You can try any other stylus with the same. S-Pen is offered in almost all high models by Samsung, it is weird to find that Galaxy Round does not have this thing. It looks Round is missing an important feature. The look of this device is amazing offering you keys on the sides and a big screen on the front. The body is not durable.


    Samsung Galaxy Round has amazing display. It is bright and powerful. Samsung devices use TouchWiz UI. This makes them powerful and great for great output. The screen is fast and responsive. Curve is not at all disturbing. But there are many benefits. The curve shape improves sunlight readability. You have tiny bends on the side that makes the screen bright. It is not dull from any angle. The same Curve display also adds more power to the viewing angle. A light upward movement keeps the screen on high visibility from corner also. Compare to this other phones are straight. They donít give you more visibility from the sides. The pixel density and resolution is great enough to watch movies and play games on the same.

    One thing I would like to share is that the Curve display adds a bit 3D effect on the screen. The tilted display when you scroll offers better look than what we get on the regular screen. This is really fascinating. Galaxy Round has wide space to wipe your fingers. Round display compare to flat screen is worthy enough for day to day work and for playing games. I found the device good in usage. I had used it for few hours and did not found any problem with shape and size.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone Review

    User Interface:

    I am always a big fan of Samsung UI. Everything started from the Galaxy series. A newly applied UI offers smart customization and fast output. The phone is very fast in usage. It works well, does not lag or free. The phone very much similar to Note 3 except the curve display. Motion and gesture controls are common here. You can install unlock your device and checkout your mails, messages or call log. There are some motion features which are worth to discuss here.

    The phone has a view album list feature. Through which you can instantly checkout photos from the album. No need to go in the app menu and look out for gallery. It has ripple effect on lock screen. A bit of good animation for eye. For video you can see the chapter list. You select which chapters you want watch. Quick Glance allows you to get all notification instantly on the home screen. You will surely like the UI. There is nothing much to talk about the gesture control. Almost everything is similar here. If you had used Note 3, then you can easily mange Galaxy Round.


    Samsung always worked hard on the camera part. Along with a smart design they also prefer to give you a mobile which is smart in terms of photography. So that you donít have to carry a dlsr with you. The phone has 13MP camera. It uses the same kind of sensor which comes in other high end models of Samsung. This 13MP camera is capable of producing rich images. The max resolution you can get on the screen is around 4128x3096. This is a very high resolution. Depending on the resolution image size also keeps on increasing. The camera does rely on any internal modes to product good images.

    You can use any mode or enable any settings; the final image production is awesome. This phone is one of the best when it comes to camera. It has tons of great camera modes to choose from. You can capture different type of photos and apply different effects on it. You can share the same instantly with other people. The camera is supported by LED flash help you to capture better images on low light. On the front side it has a 2MP standard camera well enough for video chatting.


    Power management is huge challenge for any Smartphone. Having a big size phone with tons of new feature can make you dis-satisfied if you donít have enough battery for the same. Galaxy Round battery is lower compared to Note 3. The phone is powered by 2800mAH. Note 3 gets 3200mAH here. This low battery does not really put major impact on the output, but it reduces a few hours when it comes to gaming and multimedia.

    There is some smart battery saving apps available on Google Play. You can download that app and use a powerful battery management mode. I use this when I travel. Because it is hardware find a charging unit outside. The battery output of Galaxy Round is above average. I will not say it is great, but it is good enough for day to day usage.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Round Smartphone Review


    Galaxy Round is powered by Snapdragon 800 CPU. The latest processor in Snapdragon series. This new processor is the fastest one and impressive your experience. The phone works fast offer you good multi-tasking and amazing output. 3 GB ram is managing lots of thing in the phone. It does not lag or freeze from any angle. Multi-tasking is very simple on this device. When it comes to performance there is no huge difference between Note 3 and Galaxy Round.


    No doubt Galaxy Round is an amazing device. It offers you flawless performance and multi-tasking support. The phone has as flexible OLED Screen. This adds better viewing angle and sunlight readability. The phone works smoothly and has no performance issue. Snapdragon 800 CPU with 3GB ram offer great output when it comes to multi-tasking and gaming. HD screen offer awesome movie experience. The sound quality is also better. Being a first curved screen phone I am really happy what Samsung is offering. There are few other brands which are also working on a similar model. Soon we are going to see more curved screen phone.

    One among them is LG. LG recently starting coming up with very innovative product. Curved screen is one of them. They are working on a new G Flex technology. This does not feature round screen, but something new that can change the phone display. Beating Samsung is bit complicated for all. Galaxy Round is an impressive phone. But it lacks S PEN functionality. So if you need SPEN you have to go with Note 3. Battery output is great. It is better to call this phone as a curved phablet.

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