Windows 8 Os offer you amazing new interface with better functionality compare to Windows 7. This new Os is designed to give a uniform interface on portable and on pc platform. Here you can simply backup and restore your activation. A number of times we format our system due to virus problem. And later when we install everything back we have to re-activate our system. Here through my guide you can get the activation folder back and you can instantly get your licensed windows back.

The process is simple and handy and works really well. I had tested this on Windows 8 64bit where it works fine and has no issue with the output. The process is effective for those who keep on formatting their system and install new windows. So letís move ahead with the process. Before moving ahead it is better if you can backup your data. Because if anything happen you won't lose your data. Download and keep Volume Activation Management Tool on your system if you are using multiple copies of windows.

The process only works if you are trying to re-install the activation procedure on your existing change. Any change in hardware will result in failure. So do not use this if you replace the hardware or the operating system. Sometime some drivers might crash after this process or they can force you to reactivate your windows. So ensure that before going ahead to restore the activation you must update all your system drivers.

Process to backup activation:

  • Go in your default windows directory. By default it is C. In that navigate to Windows > System32 > spp . You have to backup all the content of this folder. Copy everything and then keep it some other place. You have to verify all the folders. Also go in Folder Option and unhide all the files. Recheck that everything is copied.
  • The folder will have some files like data.dat, tokens.dat & cache.dat.
  • The next process is to check whether the process is working or not. Once done with copying you have to launch cmd. In that type slmgr-upk. This will remove the old license and you can see unlicensed windows in my computer properties.
  • Restart your pc in safe mode. You can hit F8 upon reboot to access safe mode. Run msconfig in that. Go in the boot tab section and set the option to minimal. Set the same for Safe Boot also. Apply and restart your pc.
  • Now again launch cmd. Then type stop sppsvc and hit enter. This will stop the Software Protection Platform service.
  • Once done go back in the same System32 > spp folder. You have to copy the previously copied backup file. Just paste it directly inside this.
  • Click on Start > run and type msconfig. Under General set normal boot and reboot. That's all.