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Thread: How to Change Color and Size of Windows Explorer Border in Windows 8.1

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    How to Change Color and Size of Windows Explorer Border in Windows 8.1

    Windows 8 comes with very less customization options. It does not give you to do much. Here I got a tiny tweak through which you can modify the border color and size of Windows Explorer. This adds a bit impressive look. It is not easy to completely customize windows 8.

    There is no tool available for that. I thought first when Windows 8 would come out it will give more for customization. Additional themes, color scheme and many more stuff. But this thing is fairly limited. The process involves tweaking windows registry. So you have to take a backup of the same before doing that. It is very simple and will give you desire size border for Windows Explorer.

    Modifying the border size of Windows Explorer:

    The first process involve in making tiny windows border. For that you will have to download a third part tool called as Tiny Windows Borders. You can download this from Windows Aero. This app works directly after extracting. There is no need to run setup of do anything additional. This app along will help you to tweak the border size. It mostly has option to shrink the size.

    You can reduce the border instantly. Just download the application from attachment and launch it. You can see a slider on the software. Drag it to the left side to reduce the border size. Here you donít have to do any changes in the registry so it is a kind of safer method. Like reducing you can also increase the border size as per your need. You just have to mess with the slider. And if you want to the default settings back you can choose between border widths 1 to 4.
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    Re: How to Change Color and Size of Windows Explorer Border in Windows 8.1

    Changing border size through modifying Windows registry:

    The same can be also done through modifying windows registry. Here you don't have to install any tool. You can launch regedit from Start > Run and modify certain keys to get the desired border size. Just launch registry editor in admin account. If you try to open the same in limited you will not get the kind of output you are looking for.

    In registry editor navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics. Here you can see the values like Border Width and Padded Border Width. Just by modifying the value you can make things large and small.

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