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Thread: How to install Google chrome themes

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    How to install Google chrome themes

    Hi friends, as o know there are many users who are really in need of the Google chrome themes but are unable to install the same. So I have started this thread to give you people a fair idea regarding the same. So now to install the theme you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

    Step 1: Start Google Chrome and go to this web address . Google runs its own themes, in fact online.

    Step 2: Navigate in the themes and click Apply Theme, once it is selected.

    Step 3: Downloading and installation are automatic, and your theme is applied instantly. However, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel button in the upper right of the browser!

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    Re: How to install Google chrome themes

    Thank you very much for the vital information provided. Actually I was really struggling with chrome and now it is very easy to play around with the same.

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