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Thread: How to start android programming?

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    How to start android programming?

    Well, i know java and c++. The new OS android has attracted me so much that i now want to learn it and develop android applications for android devices.can anyone tell me the basics from where should i start this?

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    Re: How to start android programming?

    1. First of all,you have to download a software in which you can write the program.
    You can have Eclipse Ide, Netbeans,Visual Studio or any other that you must download and install it.
    2. The next step is to download the Android Software Development Kit (sdk)
    3. Now you have to install the operating system of Android in the software.
    For eg:Android 2.1 and integrate in Eclipse,Net beans,etc.
    4. In Net beans, Go to Windows--->>Preferences--->Add new link and insert a link of the Android manager tool and download android OS.
    Now you are nearly done.After that go to the file menu and open new project.You will find Android in the list.
    5. Just open the Android project and fill the forms as per your need.
    6. Now write the program you want and run the program.
    7. You will find the program running in an Android Emulator which you have downloaded before and there is you have done it.

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