IPhone Features

The box and its contents

The box will be surprised by its small size. One imagines that when buying a product in this range are impressive for a treat. Well, this is not true to the design of this box. Apple has designed the box to show us in a very subliminal some issues relating to your brand:
The minimalist design that make this product something :special:.
Everything is 100% structured. In fact, there are no reported cases of persons who could fit all the content after removal.
The box has solid appearance. If you move you will not notice the noise.

The content is as follows:
The iPhone 4.
Earphones with Remote and Mic Apple.
Cable Dock Connector to USB.
USB Power Adapter.

Size and weight

Height: 115.2 mm
Width: 58.6 mm
Background: 9.3 mm
Weight: 137 grams
the structure of stainless steel is an alloy forged to be 5 times stronger than conventional steel. This gives us a very slim, greater rigidity and allows increasing the capacity of your antenna.


Retinal Display, Multi-Touch widescreen 3.5-inch (diagonal). The resolution is 960 by 640 pixels at 326 p / p with a contrast of 800:1 (typical). In addition, we are informed that it has a cover fingerprint resistant oleophobic at the front and rear. A strange little word to tell us that is designed to leave no fingerprints so very visible after daily use.
It is a display of exceptional quality. I have not seen similar things in such technologies. Responds very well and accurately touch with your fingers.
It would just add as a curiosity that is made of aluminosilicate glass, it is said, is the same material for making windshields for helicopters and high-speed train. It is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than a conventional plastic, so it is now more durable and scratch resistant. This we shall do very well because I think there is worse to release a new phone and accidentally scratched at any time the screen and lose the sharpness.

Buttons on the iPhone

On the top we have the on and off (which also serves to let in a resting state) as well on this side we have the input for the stereo headphone jack 3.5 mm. On the right side is a button to mute the sound and other intuitive to raise or lower the volume. The iPhone has touch screen which I have spoken before, but also has a lower center button on the front that serves to the start. I can only tell you that you have the bottom dock connector 30-pin USB, microphone and a built-in mini speaker.

A curious comment that has two microphones. Upper and a lower one. So get to subtract the higher ambient sounds and so making a quiet conversation. So it's very intuitive and easy to use for their few external buttons.


As sensors are not far enough. Apple has thought of giving many features to this device so it has:

3-axis gyroscope.
The iPhone 4 has been the first to incorporate a 3-axis gyro, combined with the accelerometer to detect movement well under way. We can do more with the gestures with the phone and thus have more fun games.

Proximity Sensor.
Ambient light sensor.
Assisted GPS
Digital compass
UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA (850, 900, 1,900, 2,100 MHz) GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1,800, 1,900 MHz)
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n only 2.4 GHz)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

One of the important factors when deciding on this purchase may be frightened by the case known as :antennagate: in which some terminals may have had problems receiving the signal by defects in the design of the antenna. Apple working on it and a solution designed for these mobile housing problems. I have not heard anything about it but I have not seen any problems in receiving or making calls.


The rechargeable battery is lithium polymer. The can be charged using a USB connection to connect to a computer or via AC adapter (as all previous iPods and iPhones).
The talk time is specified as follows:
7 hours on 3G
14 hours on 2G
And hold 300 hours standby.
We will be using the phone in a 3G internet connection for 6 hours, and if the connection is via Wi-Fi would be a complete autonomy of 10 hours.
As for video playback make it endures 10 hours. And if we want to hear music with the iPhone we have 40 hours of battery life (during which time one would have to sleep).

Camera and video

House, photos and video

The video recording is in HD (720p) to a maximum of 30 frames per second with sound
The camera is 5 megapixels and VGA-quality photos are like video on the front camera. The focus is on tap to make photos and video. With GPS you can make use of geotagging photos on the internet to hang and say exactly where these were taken.

Other specifications

To hook up no more, I will say that we can buy iPhone 4 GB memory with 16 or 32. The one I have is 16 gb, because it is cheaper and does not need that much memory on the device to pay the price difference.
Then, the headphones are always the same used by Apple.
Specifications for watching videos and listening to music are very complex so I thought it would not in opinion. I think I would summarize by saying that anything and load a video and audio quality perfect.
And as I did when I commented on the iPod, Apple has once again relied on the pretext of ecology to produce this mobile terminal. The main equipment, headphones and USB cable are PVC-free. Bromine-free printed circuit boards. The mercury-free LCD display. The screen glass without arsenic (never would have thought that these had arsenic). The majority of packaging made from recycled fibers and biomaterials. And the power supply exceeds energy efficiency standards.


For the less knowledgeable in these matters, saying that the :Apps: are applications that can upload to your iPhone that give more useful. Some are free, while others are extra. In the app store will find about 350,000 applications for the iPhone.
Among those who have been looking feature:
Face time: to make video calls.

Apps news and information. To be reported with one click. Elmundo.es, Facebook
Angry Birds: a game of some birds very funny.
Weather pro: to know that the weather will be.
Metro the Barcelona: we can move and get information on the metro. (There are many applications for travel).

[size=14pt]Product Overview [/size]


Here you have the favorable aspects I find most striking, although there is more to the opinion.
Design. Care is essential for the design as I said before. From its stainless steel alloy materials resistant to the screen. Mobile is a robust and resilient.
Battery, almost double the runtime with most Smartphone on the market. Apple is a trusted brand in the manufacture of batteries, as happens with iPods and all its previous products.
Screen, the screen retina, as I said before have so many points that the human eye cannot discriminate against the resolution. It is very good.
Applications. It has multiple applications to make this Smartphone our daily companion.


By contrast, in the time to put the negatives. I do not find too many. Perhaps you see that I have more than positive. This is due to the fact that I tried to be positive and negative short, I've looked under rocks to some factors that can make us change our view on the product.
Apple uses a connection to the pin 30 mm (the same as the first iPod) and miniUSB connections like most smart phones.
You cannot add external memory. This is very simple, since Apple makes us choose between 16 and 32 gb. If we have external memories could not make that distinction.
4G Technology: As much as it is called iPhone 4, do not confuse the numbering with the type of technology used, is not prepared for new networks coming from here shortly.
Apple Store (App Store). It only allows applications with permission by Apple (and its system of censorship).
The Face time (such as video calling), is only possible if you are connected to a Wi-Fi, because the video quality cannot be maintained with the 3G.
The USB is 2.0. It remains to add that the 3.0
we cannot do battery changes manually. This will be in service.


We face the king of smart phones. A brand like Apple has been revolutionary in creating these terminals that leaves a high quality product at a price that depends on the telephone company. Currently in Spain I think all major companies offer the iPhone 4 mobile from his letter of contract. And the differences in their prices can vary greatly depending on the type of elected term contract, the contract rate, offers and counter-offers in the event that it is portable, to be autonomous. Therefore, do not talk about price that I'll have to look after wanting to be sure this Smartphone.

I just want to recommend you to choose the rate for this will include mobile Internet connection with any flat rate. So that you can use the terminal like any other Smartphone.

In my opinion, the Apple brand technology products transforms your articles in :fashion: therefore, you will pay the brand that we do not doubt it. The device's features are many and make life easier. For now I'm dipping into the applications and this goes for awhile.