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Thread: Surface with Win 8.1 battery drains in Standby Mode

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    Surface with Win 8.1 battery drains in Standby Mode

    I don't know whether I am the only one who is facing the issue. I had updated my tablet to Windows 8.1. It goes well and the system was also working fine. When I leave the tablet aside on standby mode the battery drain out really fast. I am not able to understand how this thing is happening all of a sudden. When I come back I can see popup notification for low power.

    Is there a way to fix this thing?

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    Re: Surface with Win 8.1 battery drains in Standby Mode

    There are few things you have to check. You have to turn off the wifi when you are not using it. Turn of the Bluetooth and other stuff. It looks some background application is still working in sleep mode and that is causing the battery to drain.

    It is common with tablets. More active options will draw out more power from the system causing battery drain. Try to find those services and turn them off.

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    Re: Surface with Win 8.1 battery drains in Standby Mode

    I got the same issue after upgrade. As per your suggestion I had turned off all background services and apps. But still the issue remains the same. The system is giving out poor battery output. I am not able to understand why this thing is happening after a fresh update. I want process to relish the image back to old Windows RT. Is that possible. I had seen few guides on web that shows it is a very complicated process.

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