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Thread: When is Mass Effect 3 going to be released?

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    When is Mass Effect 3 going to be released?

    I just wanted to know that when is the game Mass Effect 3 going to be released? I just came to know that the release date of Mass Effect 3 has been overdue due to certain reasons. I am trying to get the whole information about the precise reason for delaying the release date. One of my pals at EB games told me that itís because the script for Mass Effect 3 has been dripped out in Xbox live. I am not certain about this but wanted to know whether it is true or not.

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    Re: When is Mass Effect 3 going to be released?

    Yes I guess you are absolutely correct right my friend. Even I heard that the story which was written for ME3 was unintentionally leaked out on internet. For this reason the ME3 creative were supposed to re- write the whole new division. even I came to know regarding the this leak news from my friend as you canít locate it on internet because the authorized people has not yet informed the news. So I guess it can be a gossip or else the fact which only we people are conscious about. But anyhow I would pray that it should be a story, thatís all I can say.

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    Re: When is Mass Effect 3 going to be released?

    You people are correct but not totally. Leakage is the motive behind the release date delay subject but story is not the reason behind this matter, it’s those few details of Mass Effect 3 codes that incorrectly released for those who were looking out for the new beta dashboard.

    I had heard that the developers and the authorized people of this game have now decided that they will currently attempt to know the view point of those people who attempted the released thing. And then try to appliance their ideas on the game to make it much better and striking.

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