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Thread: Fix MS Surface Pro 2 Battery Issues

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    Fix MS Surface Pro 2 Battery Issues

    I am having some serious battery issue on my tablet. I do not understand why the battery is draining out so fast even after it is fully charged. I am unable to locate any option or way to reduce the usage. As per the specs the battery must work atleast for 6 to 7 hrs. But it is getting used up within 3hrs. I keep the tablet connected to internet always. Is that causing the issue? Please help.

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    Re: Fix MS Surface Pro 2 Battery Issues

    Check for update. Surface Pro 2 has got a new update from Microsoft that boost up the battery output. It is not a software based issue. It can be related to the battery but new stable windows update will be more than enough to give you more power.

    The changes will give major improvement in the battery output. So go ahead with the new update and then calibrate the battery usage.

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    Re: Fix MS Surface Pro 2 Battery Issues

    There are some options available through which you can boost up the battery output. Just for testing purpose see whether the battery works for longer time when the wifi is off. If not then you have a hardware issue. Carry the tablet to a repair center. They will fix the same or replace the battery. Do not keep your tablet connected to the power source all the time. This puts impact on the battery.

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    Re: Fix MS Surface Pro 2 Battery Issues

    Windows tablet does not offer good battery output. This is very common with everyone. The OS and the internal hardware are not optimized to work on low power.

    You cannot expect more than 4 hrs if you are using it on internet. And you said that the battery goes down within 2 hrs then this is a serious problem. I will also recommend you to carry the tablet o a service center and get it fixed.

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