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Thread: JavaScript support in Browser

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    JavaScript support in Browser

    I had developed a website in, there had some issues when I had hosted it , I had used the latest HTML 5 in that . The template I had used appears differently in all the browsers . By saying different I meant that there are a few images that appear in Mozilla and Chrome but does not in Internet explorer. Can anyone please tell me why does this happen. I want the appearance of my website similar to all.

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    Re: JavaScript support in Browser

    Well I think there is a very simple issue in your case. I think you have fired some events on the scripting codes. You have not mentioned that which script you have been using. Well let me guess everything. You have used Javascript in your case and it is enabled in Chrome and Mozilla but disabled in the internet explorer. So all you need to do is you have to enable Javascripting in your Internet explorer browser.

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    Re: JavaScript support in Browser

    I too had faced a similar sort of issue when I tried to develop and host my personal website. Mine was that there were a few places where the border of the frames appeared, but this was the case only in the Mozilla Firefox. I had appended a YouTube video to a link, but unfortunately it did not play, apart from that I guess you would be using some features that requires extra plugins to be installed such as a flash player to play a video in a browser.

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