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Thread: Best 15 features of Nokia Lumia 1520

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    Best 15 features of Nokia Lumia 1520

    Nokia has always offered us promising smartphones and specially since they teamed up with Microsoft and started the all new Lumia Series. All Lumia smartphones released in the market are just amazing offering you durable with smart features. A windows phone powered by good battery is capable of fulfilling all required task. Here we are going to check some great features of Nokia Lumia 1520. Why to have this phone.

    We all know that compare to Windows Phone OS people are more excited to use Android. The reason lies with tons of free apps/games and cheap price range. But what do you really expect when you go for Smartphone. I believe in having a durable long lasting phone which can offer me pc like features. That is the reason I choose Lumia 1520. It is a innovative model which will offer you outstanding features. Whatever prices you are going to pay make this phone a value for money product. It worth every penny.

    So let’s go ahead and checkout the best 15 features of Lumia 1520.

    • Along with the HD support the front screen features ClearBlack technology. This technology reduced the screen reflection. That means you can read nicely in sunlight also. Many Smartphone screen will turn completely back when you are standing direct under sun. The screen is an IPS LCD display that is bright and good enough to work in all light condition.

    • Lumia 1520 features a full HD display. HD means complete high resolution output. The maximum output is around 1080p at 367ppi. That is really amazing to have such an awesome screen in on so sleek model.

    • Even after having a big screen size the phone is quiet slim. It is not bulky at all. Sleek design and nice big size screen on the front makes it impressive in terms of usage.

    • Lumia 1520 is an ideal Smartphone for photography. This phone features an award winning Pure View camera that offers great images instantly. The 20MP camera is fair enough to give you smart photos in all bad condition. Along with this Optical Image Stabilization makes images more clear. Lumia 15 has a masterpiece camera with Carl Zeiss optics. For video you can record a full 1080p HD video on it.

    • For storage you have around 32GB space in the phone itself. Now you don't have to worry about space if you are taking HD videos. And still if you want more you can add a SD card up to 64GB.

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    Re: Best 15 features of Nokia Lumia 1520

    • Powered by Snapdragon 700 Quad Core processor makes it very fast in terms of usage. Either you play games, watch movies or run different apps in the background this phone will not lag a bit. Snapdragon 800 is the latest processor which is hardly used in other high end phones. Along with this the CPU is supported by 2GB ram. The overall hardware offers super power to the device in terms of usage.

    • For photographers the 20MP camera is capable of giving RAW files instead of processed jpeg. You can now modify the files as per your need.

    • Nokia Camera app which comes pre-installed in almost all Lumia devices is really impressive. It offers you Pro cam and Smart Cam type of application through which you get more in photography.

    • Lumia 1520 also has a noise cancellation mic. This is specifically designed to record rich audio. So that when you are talking to sometime or recording video you don't get much disturbance in the noise.

    • We all love to share stuff between our phones. Just imagine you can also share the phone screen on other mobile through Nokia Beamer app. This app allows you to share the phone screen directly on others. So that you can read the same content with your friends without transferring.

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    Re: Best 15 features of Nokia Lumia 1520

    • For productivity the device comes with preloaded Microsoft Office. This app allows you to modify and view world excel files. You can easily edit your files and share with others. Also for backup you can upload the files on Skydrive which also comes integrated.

    • The new Windows Phone update first belongs to Nokia Lumia 1520. This new update offers you three column views instead of two. This is nicely adjusted on the big size screen and you can scroll through more apps.

    • There is one more impressive application that can provide you a smarter way of sharing story. The story telling application. This is a brilliant application.

    • Soon Microsoft is going to offer Instagram and Vine on Lumia 1520 which will extend the productivity.

    • The phone is amazing in photography and design. And it is also amazing in batter life. The device has a 3400mAH battery which is big enough to work for long hours and also features Qi wireless charging.

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