A video hosted by Windows Phone manager and senior vice president, Joe Belfiore reveals features and few details of brand new Windows Phone 8. This video was just meant for few private eyes, i.e. partners at Nokia. Windows Phone 8 that is also named as ‘Apollo’ is part of the "Windows Reimagined" campaign announced by Microsoft for Windows 8. Apollo, is the upcoming most important version of Microsoft's mobile operating system and is based on the Windows 8 kernel and not like Windows CE based Windows Phone 7. The new Apollo will not only share a version number and UI with its desktop counterpart but it will also split the same ecology, with the fundamental code and components.

Below are the 8 new features included in Windows Phone 8:

• As per Belfiore's video Windows Phone 8 is said to add support for multicore processors, innovative screen resolutions and removable microSD card storage.

• Apollo 8 is also said to support a new feature called DataSmart that will aggressively track users' data usage. Besides providing a breakdown of data consumption, as other platforms already do, Windows Phone 8 will actively attempt to give Wi-Fi connections precedence, going so far as to automatically connect to carrier-owned WLANs when in range, writes PocketNow.

• WP8 will also support for app-to-app communications.

• According to different media Windows Phone 8 just wouldn't only share UI with the Microsoft's next-generation tablet and desktop OS but will even be using a lot of its other components. All these stuffs including Kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all supposed to be approaching from Windows 8.

• There is one more new features called “Lens Apps” that is reported to support ne Apollo for a powerful camera experience. In the video, according to PocketNow, Microsoft exec Belfiore gives the example of a lens app that combines burst mode with smile detection to capture a perfect portrait shot.

• SkyDrive is also expected to support new Windows Phone 8.

• In Addition, Apollo will add native BitLocker encryption, the128-bit, and full-disk encryption seen in latest Microsoft's platforms. According to a post by Paul Thorrtton, "Also, it will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses will be able to distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps."

• In the video, Belfiore, also speaks about "Wallet experience" and support for near-field communications (NFC). Windows Phone 8 is reported to allow users to pay and share via NFC. Writes PocketNow, "...will have the capability to be carrier-branded and controlled, either by a secure element on the SIM card or utilizing hardware in the phone itself."

The new Windows Phone 8 won't just share a UI with the next-generation desktop and tablet OS, apparently: it will use many of the same components as Windows 8, allowing developers to "reuse by far most of their code" when porting an app from desktop to phone, according to Belfiore. He particularly declares the kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia hold as areas of heavy overlap. Furthermore, Apollo will scrap combination with the desktop Zune client in accord of a syncing connection with a devoted companion application. In other words, Microsoft is trying to introduce back a more affluent version of ActiveSync.

Both Nokia and Microsoft speak their speed of accelerating changes. Even we have the same opinion same as Microsoft's Greg Sullivan when he says there's still room for another OS. But what I can say now is Apollo is what Windows Phone OS is in need now. It appears that Windows Phone is gradually opening to get closer to y Android and iOS. What Apollo needs for the same are those superior apps found iOS or Android devices and a huge range of handsets. Source.