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Thread: Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

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    Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

    Last week i updated my Windows 8 to 8.1 which also brought be Internet Explorer 11. Well i like the new OS and new browser but there are some problems as well. I have few important websites that i need to visit daily, all those websites were working good until yesterday but today when i am visiting the same, none of those websites load the images. To make sure it is not my internet problem or website problem, i installed Firefox 25 and all those same websites work fine, without any problem. So it is confirmed that the issue is with the new IE itself.

    Did anyone else noticed this problem? Is there any fix for the same?

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    Re: Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

    Microsoft has worked really hard to make this browser quite fast and they have succeeded as well. Apart from that the browser also comes with built-in option to disable images as thumbnails so that you pages load bit more faster. I guess the option might have got enabled somehow, you may need to disable it. Here is how you can do the same:

    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click Tools
    • Internet Options
    • Advanced Tab
    • Multimedia
    • Click the box for "Show Pictures"

    Thats it.

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    Re: Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

    I appreciate your help buddy but that check box for already selected and yet the images wont appear. While the same website in Firefox and Chrome works fine. So it cannot be problem neither with my internet speed or the site, but it is problem with the browser itself, right?

    Any other fix please?

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    Re: Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

    There must be some compatibility problems. Hence you should try changing the compatibility view from the Internet Explorer setting, Yes you can make your IE 11 work as IE 10 or any earlier version. If you don’t know how to do the same, here is how:

    • Open IE 11 and tap on your keyboard’s F12 key.
    • On the opened pop-up window, click ‘Allow’ and select Emulation.
    • Now click “User Agent String” and select whichever IE version you want to you.
    • You can select from IE10 to IE7.

    Once selected, reload the page again and see if the images and thumbnails appear fine.

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    Re: Images wont show up in Internet Explorer 11

    Many times it use to be your cookies and temporary files which may cause these problems. In such cases just delete these stuffs and continue problem free browsing. . You can do this from Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > browsing History > Temporary Internet Files.
    Hope that works.

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