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Thread: How to unroot and install Stock ROM in Nexus 5

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    How to unroot and install Stock ROM in Nexus 5

    Nexus 5 is the latest Flagship smartphone from Google launched last week itlesf but several users have already started Rooting the phone and they did it successfully. Rooting offers more advance features on your phone. But sometime you don’t want that. You want the original version back. If you are the one of them who have rooted your Nexus 5 and want to go back to the stock Rom, than here is a way to unroot it back again. You can install the stock rom back and make your phone as it was earlier out of the box.

    So here I am going to show you a process for Nexus 5. If you have this phone you can simply restore the original stock back using these simple method. The process is simple but it is essential that you must backup your data before doing the same. This process will also flash the rom and will restore the original partition back. But remember that it will wipe out everything. So you must do this before taking essential data backup only. Here are some important stuffs you need to take care, have a look:


    • Install ADB and Fastboot drivers in your system.
    • Download and keep the factory image file saved on your desktop
    • You have to unlock your bootloader for this process.
    • Ensure that your phone has maximum battery left. Atleast it should be charged at 70% before starting this process.
    • Install the Nexus 5 usb driver in your system.
    • You must have more than 500MB of space left in your sd card.

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    Re: How to unroot and install Stock ROM in Nexus 5

    Installation Process:

    • The first process is to install ADB driver in your system and configure Android fast boot. This is essential to restore the factory settings.

    • You will require Android SDK Standard for that. You can download that from the official site of Google.

    • Extract the files and keep them save somewhere on the desktop.

    • Create a folder Android-adb in that. From the exacted file move platform-tools folder in the root directory of your system. Which is the C drive.

    • ADB configuration is done, now the thing left is to configure environment variable. For that right click on My Computer > Properties > Advance > Environment Variable. Under System Variable select Path and click on Edit. You can also create the value. Here add C:\Android-Adb.

    • Now turn off your phone and boot in recovery mode.

    • Hold the Power down + Volume Down button. The phone will boot in recovery mode.

    • Connect your phone to your pc through original usb cable.

    • Go in the factory settings folder and run flash-all.bat file.

    • The flash process will take some time and at the end you will get the original rom back.

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