Finally IE 11 is released for Windows 7 users. This new web browser is launched with 95 languages. The update will be provided to all Windows 7 users. This new release for upgraded web browser will offer more performance and better output. It will also enhance the security and increase the privacy of end user. The browser is finally more stable and did not crash much while using the same. Internet Explorer 11 is provided for Windows 8.1 OS only and now it is ported for Windows 7 platform. Internet Explorer 11 is optimized to work with Windows offering a better UI and fast output. It is good for touch based device and compare to the older edition it 30% faster. Here performance is more emphasized. Because many are not really happy with the output.

So making things faster is the prime motive. The new web browser brings a much faster page loading output with great interactivity. It has improved JavaScript performance. Improved interface remains low on the CPU usage and also enhance the battery life. New browser improvement is necessary to keep yourself updated. New website is taking advantage from emerging technology. Like the HTML5. Old browser engine will not give you reliable output when you are surfing web and looking out more interactive websites.

Also the browser aim to enhance your browsing experience. For tablets the major issue lies with fast performance and is also low on power usage. The browser has major improvement which makes it impressive and great enough to work with all kind of system. The browser is compatible with old plugging also and will work faster on Windows 7. Compare to IE 10 you are getting more on IE 11.