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Thread: Unable to check Windows update in Windows 8.1, Error code 8024A008

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    Unable to check Windows update in Windows 8.1, Error code 8024A008

    I own a Desktop of Samsung with latest configuration i.e. Processor Core i3, 500GB Hard-Disk and 2GB Ram. Along with these I had installed Windows 8.1 Operating System. To get better output I had ran Windows update. I am trying to update the same online. But when I am trying to do the same I am getting an error code i.e. 8024A008. I tried it thrice but I got the same result. Please help me to fix this windows update issue.

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    Re: Unable to check Windows update in Windows 8.1, Error code 8024A008

    This kind of error is most common and it occurs to majority of people who are just newly shifted to Windows 8.1 operating system. One of the common reasons that can cause this error is Internet Download Speed.

    I hope you kindly approach your Internet Service or Broadband Service provider to fix Internet Issue. I think your net is not working fine. Just because of the same reason many times I had also faced this same windows update problem in earlier version. In my case there was an Internet issue and when I solved it the issue was resolved. After when my Internet started working smoothly I was able to easily update my windows.

    I think you should try this.

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    Re: Unable to check Windows update in Windows 8.1, Error code 8024A008

    I got this issue before. I got the same thing on Windows 8.1. But one of my friends suggests me not to download the update from Microsoft site and then install it. Doing update directly can be time consuming and their may be chance that update is damage. It happens that sometime Microsoft release damage updates.

    The best way to update your windows 8.1 is download the update version from online through Microsoft Update Section. After downloading kindly install Windows 8.1 update. I think it will work because in my case I solved my problem in the same manner which I had suggested you. Bye good luck.

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