Google Helpouts is a new way of sharing and earning. This is a step to commercialize the web and create a platform where anyone can sell his information based on real-time video streaming. Google today is the biggest search engine market and it is the only website today which gives you a huge tone of information access worldwide. Now Google came up an innovative concept called as Google Helpout. This service gives you an easy option to share your information and you can make bit money from it. Similar to Hangout, Helpout is a bit more advance and has a customize solution to set a rate of watching your video. Like if you are a retired doctor and you have some great information you can create your video and upload it on Helpout. Or you can help any user at the real time through live video streaming.

You can set a rate of viewing. And when anyone watches it, he/she pays for it. Which can be done through Google Wallet, Credit Card and much other stuff. There are tons of categories in the same. Like medical, cooking, art/music, etc. You can watch million of online videos on the same and get endless information. Here is the small introduction video to understand what exactly is Google Helpouts, have a look.

Through Google Helpout you can fix your own cost. You can charge a user as per your need. You can place a free based on minute or session. And this will help you to get some money. You can also set it free. So here you have a good opportunity to share your information. Google is going to charge you 20% fee on the total transaction which appears to be minimal.