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Thread: PS3 vs Xbox 360

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    PS3 vs Xbox 360

    Hello Friends I just started this topic to know which is the best HD Console from these two. So please do reply.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    I have a preference for the 360: first I look at first are the exclusives and those of the 360 most satisfy me even if there are still nice on the side of Sony. 360 and then there are ways to play without pay next to nothing (you see me). By cons I play games online on PS3 because it is free (but I must admit I'm still more PC for that). I also prefer the interface from Sony, the ergonomics of the handle (although I think they messed up the triggers) and the fact that there is no need for batteries is a good positive. Physically I find the design for the PS3 missed (the effect "bump" does not please me at all) and I find that of the 360 coolest. Initially I was totally disappointed with the PS3, it cost very expensive and had nice little excluded, it took a while to win but now I do not regret my purchase.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    I vote for the 360, because I really like his Live, even if it pays, it is very good! I also like excluded from the console while it is not this that made me look for this console. And the interface and the Xbox Live Arcade games sometimes hide real pearls, here is perhaps not the best, but it's my favorite.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    PS3, XBOX 360 console is a very good shooter but too biased for my taste. Then I really do not like the idea of paying for online play. In addition I prefer to PS3 Controller handles without hesitation.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    For me it's the PS3, I had the 360 so now I'm sure my preference. Already there is no excluded 360 that I like, while on PS3 I love more than half (Uncharted 1 & 2, Heavy Rain), then at the controller I'm better than that the PS3 (at the same time I always played with the PlayStation console), but I cannot really get used to that of the 360, but more than the GC anyway. Then interface level, that of the 360 is not bad, but the PS3 is nicer and more convenient for my taste level and live well I cannot say since I have not tested that of the 360 seen that it pays and it does not interest me to pay for a live and that of the PS3 is good, plus it is free, but pretty soon he rowed time (at least on the live RE5 gold edition).

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    Xbox 360.

    Excluded from the 360 most attract me (Halo, Gears of War, Forza). The ergonomic handle is better imagined, although it takes the shape of the hand while that of the PS3 is quite small and does not take well the shape of the hand (but hey you can get used to 2). The Live is paying, but the quality is excellent: a few games on PSN have the right to slowdown unlike Xbox Live, Xbox Live is never down for maintenance because they do not update all servers at once The quality of VoIP (voice chat what) is better, I find that provided the most XBLA PSN. I say all this with full knowledge of causes; I often go and play with some friends who own the PS3. But remember that the PSN is free, so if you're not a big online player it is perhaps more instantly.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    CPU performance level the PS3 far surpasses. Performance level of the Xbox 360 GPU wins few. The Xbox 360 is more reliable and pretty in her new release and then she caught up on missed this side. Then Thurs level they are at the same level.

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    Xbox 360

    Although I had a ps1 and a ps2, and I wanted a PS3, one day they offered me a Xbox 360 and I completely agreed with this console for three reason:
    - Well, because I have no ps3.
    - I am madly in love with the pad 360 which is 10x better than the PS3 (although the cross-directional 360 is not the top)
    - And-because the Xbox live is too much (though not for free)

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    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360

    The 360 has better graphics than the PS3 games on multis and most often it is not three or four pixels, the PS3 has no AA, it is often unclear, the frame rate per second is laughable etc. After a team when bump exclusively on PS3 as lead console, the PS3 makes games more beautiful than the xbox360. On paper the PS3 is more powerful than the xbox360, true in its architecture is not too lousy is optimized for the video game itself. Sony wanted to have the package and it overturned. After developers are often completely sucks and fair almost all the time unfortunately development on PS3. And U2 and GOW3 are not really more beautiful than that GeOW2 rappel on the date of 2008. And especially important to remember that these are games corridors, and without enough script powerful physics engine so it's really not too hassle to focus solely on the graphical aspect of the game. When you take a console is not for the graphics anyway so its personal not bother me, the console for me is the gameplay that I like much more than the PC and ultra rare kinds of PC.

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