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Thread: Apple iPad Air Review

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    Apple iPad Air Review

    The new generation of iPad is more thin and sleek compare to its predecessor. Apple looks to be serious with the design this time. Not affecting the screen size, the new iPad features great looks. This new 10” iOS tablet is loaded with performance and excitement. Keeping the screen size intact tells, that the importance of big screen. It is more comfortable compare to a lower one. We had seen traditionally adopted size by many manufacturers in the market is listed with 7 or 8”. And the cost varies as they provide a 10” model. Apple kept things straight here. Single variations of 10” sleek size tablet with different storage space allow people to have some choice. iPad is one of the most popular and widely sold tablets in the market.

    It is durable a unique. Apple gives a fair value for money product. They do not just make something flashy. iPad Air counted the next generation tablet by Apple. This is due to its new processor. Leaving other things aside others are stuck with the screen size. They give you a fair comparison in the review, which does not matter. What I prefer to see is the output. How the new iPad is better than others and why should I consider this over a netbook. At some extent tablets are consuming more space in your bag which already carries a laptop. but does a tablet is capable of completely taking its place. The things which you can nicely do on your laptop or notebook can be done on a tablet as well, only if you have an iPad.

    The body dimension of iPad Air is 9.4”x6.6”. Somewhat near to a book. The weight is around 1 pound. You can easily toss it over and carry with less pain. I flipped it on my fingers which I do regularly with my books and this thing goes well. 1 pound of weight is just nothing. This reminds me a small ball of cheese which my mom spreads on my birthday cake. The weight really matters in a gadget. It is important when you are travelling. No one likes to overload their baggage. Something which is light, thin and loaded with the latest technology can be life saver. The front screen is not completely 10” but around 9.7” which is near.

    With new design this tab also comes with new platform. It is ultraportable and amazing in looks. The guy next to you will surely like to rob it. iPad Air created a great enthusiasm among many when it was going to release. Quickly Apple changed it way to the design. Before they prefer more on durability and in the hardware. But now they are working on making there things more portable. Unlike all other devices by Apple, iPad Air also has a Retina display. LED Backlit screen with 264ppi looks good enough for doing anything on it. Max resolution ends at 2048x1536.

    To keep the screen clean Apple added fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on it. So that you don’t have to spend much on costly screen guards. Reducing the size did not put impact on the usage. It is great for using. You will get addicted. Special care has been taken about the battery life also. Adding a reasonable size battery in the tablet give it long time of usage. The battery output is bit reduced compared to the older generation. This is because of thin size. But still it remains bigger and the battery size is near to some portable notebook models. The body looks stiff but stylish. Clean design with shining screen on the front side makes it rich in look. It is a noticeable tablet among all. The entire body has a thick bezel coating that might add a bit of durability. You can smoothly operate the tablet from single hand. All you need is to maintain a good grip. Low weight does not put much strain on your hand so that you can easily hold it for long time. The model name Air itself means thin and light.

    Most of the elements are taken from the old models. Apple has managed to make iPad Air unique in look. It consists of a modern design. The diamond cut edges are smooth and great with tiny curves giving it nice shape. There are two colors choices available in it. The first is Space Gray and the second is Silver. I prefer to go with Silver because it is more shining.

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    Re: Apple iPad Air Review

    The design will make you happier. It like a jewel of gadgets. You feel you are carrying something really valuable. Audio output is reasonable. Speakers are well placed so that you can get a clear output of notification sounds. The speakers are placed at the bottom where it can be blocked if you are using a cover and placing them in portrait mode. But still the tablet manages to give you a reasonable audio quality. There is no competition in the headphone. Sound reproducing in it is great. You can get a high quality sound in the headphone which is loud, clear and less annoying.

    I am always a fan of Apple audio chip. The processed audio is cool. Retina Display is always good. But Apple did not provided Touch ID Fingerprint support in iPad Air which they had introduced in the new iPhone model. This will add more security. They might keep this thing aside for the coming models. I was quiet expecting this. iPad Air has the new A7 chip. This processor is faster and stable. It is designed to consume minimum power and give you maximum processing output. It is a 64bit processor which is supported by a M7 motion processor separately. This next generation cpu chip that adds more power and multi-tasking. iPad Air is swift and fast. It is complicated to understand the internal structure. Apple keeps on changing new technology and making its product better and better.

    There is no competition in the market. The same cpu chip is also used in the new iPhone 5S. it has an enhanced gpu which boost the graphic output making games better on the same. You can play games and watch videos at full resolution without any lagging or freezing issue. Large system cache is stronger to run apps and giving out a more powerful platform for day to day usage. Graphic benchmarks on the model are good and were much better as expected. For a mobile platform having this much power is awesome.

    The new 64bit architecture has a smart memory managed. Memory hog apps are quite nicely optimized to stop when not in used. The cpu used in the device is capable of using a very high bandwidth offering lag free output at all cost. This processor is capable of beating all mobile processor in the market. Increased cpu performance means increased power consumption. But things are different iPad Air. Apple knows the important of battery output in portable device. I had seen other brands blindly build big size tablets and phone and do not consider any importance about the battery.

    It is like you are having the fastest car in the world, but you can only drive it to 10km and you have to refuel it. This will not make you happy at all. But in iPad Air you can trust the battery. Power consumption is not compromised here. Multiple processors allow apps to work better. Because different things are carried about by different core and so the output you see on the screen is amazing. A minor boost in the cpu frequency does great changes. App and game usage on it is fair enough. The tab does not work slowly at all. You can run multiple apps in the background. I had seen some benchmarking reports on web which clearly states that this tab beats all other. Utilizing the full cpu frequency still remains low on power.

    The output depends on our usage. If you are game freak then it is always better to carry a portable charger with you. That will add a 2 to 4 hrs of more battery life. I am happy with the cpu performance of iPad Air. I thought this sleek tablet will heat up really fast when I play some hd game or play hd videos on it. But still it somehow manages to remain cooler and also slow on battery drain. This can be due to the optimized OS in the tab. The overall heating issue and performance relies on the processor every tablet. Heating is very common and it really hurts when you find that your costly tab is getting hot on usage. But the power management in the tab is amazing. The A7 chip is capable of working on low power. It looks that A7 already beat Hashwell before its release in terms of power consumption while processing.

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    Re: Apple iPad Air Review

    All components are smartly designed and configured so that when you are not using they do not keep eating your battery. This requires tons of research and test. Idle power consumption of iPad Air is very low compare to any other tablet in the market. This is the advantage. For graphics iPad Air uses PowerVR G6430 gpu. It is also used in the new iPhone models. The gpu is great on game testing. The gpu is fastest when we talk about mobile processing. You can run all hd games and make it smart enough for usage.

    The gpu frequency lies around 450Mhz. This is the place where I am a bit disappointed. But as we are not having pc type graphics gamers can manage with it. The 64bit architecture gives you a large system bus. That means more data processing in less time. That helps the tab to utilize complete power and a very fast rate. Benchmarking test clearly makes iPad Air a powerful tablet in them market. iPad Air comes in two models. One is Wi-Fi and the other one is the Sim model. It gives you 4 storage space options. The cost remains different for each. Below is a small tablet of different model cost.

    iPad Air Wi-Fi:
    • 16GB for $499
    • 32GB for $599
    • 64GB for $699
    • 128GB for $799

    iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular:
    • 16GB for $629
    • 32GB for $729
    • 64GB for $829
    • 128GB for $929


    iPad Air is an amazing piece of hardware loaded with great features and design. It is a value of money product. The things that it offers simply mean it is not costly. It is good enough for day to day work and gaming also. After using any other tablet if you stick with iPad you will not leave it. It is very addictive. I am not impressed with the camera, which I had not discussed much. What I like is the kind of performance it is delivering. First I was thinking about going for the new iPad model, but later on got chance to work on iPad Air which changed my mind. From all corners the tablet is great for usage and has amazing output. Leaving high end usage aside, an end user who will be using it for internet and multimedia will be happy.

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