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Thread: Best Waterproof Android smartphones in 2013

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    Best Waterproof Android smartphones in 2013

    Durable design helps you to have a phone which can work for longer time under rough condition. It commonly happens with all of us, sometime our phone fell from our hand or you drop water on it. It happens with me regularly. I was working on my lappy with coffee in one hand. I kept it aside and just next to that was my mobile Xperia ZR. My cat bumped on the tab and the entire glass flipped. Thankfully Xperia ZR is a waterproof phone. It didn't have any issue. I cleaned it with wet cloth and it is working fine.

    So here I am making this review just to give you the list of all durable phones in the market. Mobile accidents are very common and if anything breaks then it is a huge repair cost. Today most of the phone comes with IP57 & IP56 certification. This is not just numbers they are the standard through which the device has passed. They pass a dustproof and waterproof test. So if in this year you are planning to buy a new phone then why not go ahead with a durable model. A model which can tolerate water and dust. I am making a small list below and also expect new updates on the same from others.

    Maximum model which I had listed below are all durable. They give you industrial level protection. They are durable and strong offering you great option to deal with dust and water. You can use them in rain or in rough weather without worrying about liquid problem. Water is one of the most common issues which spoil an electronic instantly. So almost all high end phone according to me must be waterproof. Because it is a huge waste of money if that mobile stops working and does not give you proper output. So here is the list of best Android based waterproof smartphones in the market:

    Sony Xperia Z:

    This is a good mobile according to me. You will be happy with body and other internal features. This phone offer you a big 5inch TFT display on the front side. Big size screen offer you high resolution and smooth performance. You can get a maximum resolution of 1080x1920 pixels on the same. You can play HD movies and videos on the same. The phone has a 1.5 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU on the same. It is a high end CPU capable of handling all multi-tasking output. The phone also works well on Android 4.1 Jellybean OS. The optimized UI is fast and add more to the performance. For camera you have a 13.1MP camera on the backside with led flash support. You can get amazing videos and photos out of it. It allows you to record a full 1080p HD video. Which is not bad at all. While the front camera which is a 2.2MP is not bad. This model passes the IP57 certificate which makes a durable model. The cost of this mobile phone is Rs.34,9990.

    Panasonic ELUGA Power:

    This phone remains somewhere in the dust not so acclaimed like others. It has a 5inch screen on the front side. The LCD screen is good for doing different work. The device is also powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core QUALCOMM snapdragon CPU which is good for multi-tasking. It comes loaded with a secondary gpu support that boosts the graphic output. It is an Adreno 225 graphic card which is amazing it comes loaded with Android 4.0 ICS. For cameras it has an 8MP camera on the backside which is great enough for watching videos and for playing games. This device has an IP57 certificate that makes is durable. The cost of this phone is around Rs.30,000.

    Fujitsu Toshiba Regza:

    Another budget phone with 4inch screen but durable features. This phone is having a bit better CPU. It is a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU looks powerful enough to give you long lasting solution. But it has a Gingerbread OS and does not look to be getting any update. This phone is handy for those who need a durable model for long run. The phone is waterproof and works really fine. The cost is not revealed yet. I found the design big impressive here and at a low price you get a waterproof power.

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    Re: Best Waterproof Android smartphones in 2013

    Sony Xperia Acro S:

    Another great device by Sony. But this one is for those who need a budget phone. It has dual core processor which is capable of giving you good output for day to day usage. The phone also has a smaller screen on the front side. It has a 4.3 LED capacitive screen which is offer you a maximum resolution of 1280x720. So this resolution is more than enough for reading eBooks, for watching videos and photos. It is powered by 1.5 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. It looks good and reasonable and 1GB supported ram makes it better. It comes with 16GB storage which is quiet enough for storing many files in it. It has a dual camera support where the back one is 12MP. It is a nice camera given you led and auto-focus support. It offers you a 1080p maximum video resolution support with 1.3MP camera on the front side. So in terms of camera thing this mobile is good and the hardware configuration in the same is also decent. This mobile phone passes the IP57 certificate. It comes for Rs.25,000.

    Samsung S5690 Galaxy X cover:

    A budget phone with strong features. The phone has a durable design with a powerful screen cover. The screen size is limited to 3.65inch only which is covered with Gorilla Glass. It is strong and amazing. The maximum resolution it offers is 480x320. The device has an 800 MHz CPU which is good enough for chatting purpose but not really meant for gaming. It has Gingerbread OS which is old but quiet effective for day to day work. The phone has a 3.5MP camera looks to be good in terms of photos capturing and autofocus. It also has a led flash in it and vga cameras on the front side. The cost of this device is Rs.12,400 which in budget and offers you durable design.

    Sony Ericsson Active:

    This model is a bit better in terms of entry level Sony Ericson mobile phone. Sony Ericson Active is a budget phone but comes loaded with durable design. It has a tiny screen which enough for viewing images and also for web is surfing. It has a 3inch screen. Even after being a small screen it is powered by Mobile Bravia Engine. This boost the display output making it crisp and clear and amazing. The maximum resolution it offer you is 480x320. This is a low resolution but enough for day to day work. The phone is powered by 1GHz Scorpion CPU. This CPU is capable of handling different task, but it is not very strong in terms of gaming. Similar to the above model this one also comes Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This is the only entry level device which I had seen that has a support for ICS. You can upgrade the OS to ICS and install much new application on the same. It is has 512MB ram support only and for camera it has a 5MOP camera with similar features compare to Xperia GO. The phone also has an IP57 certificate which makes it durable and it comes for Rs.15,000.

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    Re: Best Waterproof Android smartphones in 2013

    Motorola Defy Plus:

    If you need a budget phone in the market with a bit bigger screen then Motorola Defy is a good option for you. This device will not give you the latest android support, but it is durable. It comes loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread support. The last OS that is installed is 2.3. It is not upgradable. The maximum screen resolution it offers is 480x854. This device is loaded with 1 GHz Cortex-A8. This CPU is good for multi-tasking. The benefit of having this mobile is that you will get a gpu on it. PowerVR SGX530 gpu is great enough to run new games. But you cannot run ICS on the same. It has single 5MP cameras in the backside offering auto-focus and led flash. At the front side it has a vga camera which is good enough for taking low end photos. It is a budget phone that comes at a nice price. The cost of this device lies around Rs.3,000. It is a waterproof phone.

    Motorola Razr Maxx:

    This is a phone with good looks. It has a bigger screen. At the front side lies a 4.3inch screen with great features. It is an Amole touch screen that gives you maximum resolution of 540x960. This looks amazing for watching videos and viewing images. The phone is powered by Dual Core 1.2Ghz CPU. It is further supported by 1 GB of ram and for storing you file you get a 16GB of space inside it. It has dual camera support where an 8MP camera lies on the backside with 1.3MP on the front side. This phone is one of the best durable phone comes in the market. It not only gives you waterproof support but it also comes loaded with strong body design. It is termed as one of the strongest phone in the market. It has a Kevlar covering. This covering is used in bulletproof vest and with the same element this device becomes more and more strong. The cost of this phone is around Rs.30,000.

    Sony Xperia GO:

    Xperia GO is a 3.5inch screen phone. It comes to the entry level series. This phone has a smaller screen which a LED Capacitive screen is offering you a maximum resolution of 320x480. The phone is good for those who wants a cheap phone but with good durable design. This phone is powered by 1GHz Cortex-A9 Dual Core NovaThor CPU. Compare to the CPU used in other entry level phone this one is the better. It is good in multi-tasking and capable of working with some games also. The only here is that this phone comes with Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS. Which is outdated? You cannot run any new application on this phone. And this phone is not going to get any update in future. The phone works on 512MB ram and comes with 8GB internal storage. For camera it has 5MP camera which lies on the backside. This is a primary camera that gives you a led flash support with autofocus and upto 720p HD video recording. So it is quiet enough. This phone passes the IP57 test offering good durable design and comes for Rs.15,000. Sony Xperia GO is priced at $280 or INR 15,000.

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    Re: Best Waterproof Android smartphones in 2013

    So this was the list of some of the most durable models in the market. You can see I had listed the from costly to budget phone. There are some more whose details are less. Like one from Kyocera Hydro Phone. This phone is not available in our country. It is a 3.5inch phone giving you waterproof feature’s it comes with IPx5 and IPx7 certification. Another phone that is pending for release is Lenovo A660. It is an ICS phone offering you dual sim capability and a 4inch screen on the front side. It has a Gorilla Glass support. The cost is around Rs.11,000.

    Apart from this all smartphones, phablets and tablets launched under "Xperia Z" series by Sony are Waterproof and Dust resistance.

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