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Thread: How to configure Google ChromeCast Dongle with Smartphone

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    How to configure Google ChromeCast Dongle with Smartphone

    How can I setup Google Chromecast Dongle on my phone? I had ordered one and it is an usb dongle. I want to sync my phone with my HDTV so that I can get a composite features on the both the devices. I had seen it is very easy to use and cheap also. I can act as a wireless media link for sharing content.

    How to sue it. I cannot see the dongle connection in my phone. Does it require any applications?

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    Re: How to configure Google ChromeCast Dongle with Smartphone

    It is easy to use. You have to connect it your device and then you can share the phone screen on bigger size TV. Yes it requires an application which you can find on Google play.

    Download Chromecast App on your phone and turn it on. It will guide you to configure the dongle on your phone. It is easy to use and has a smooth operation. But don't move the phone far away from the dongle. There can be connectivity issue.

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    Re: How to configure Google ChromeCast Dongle with Smartphone

    I am using it and it works fine. The Chromecast app tells you everything and gives you full control to use it. This thing is very helpful and Google has really given a very effective hardware. First install the application on your phone. Once you are done you have to launch the application. It is quiet important that whatever device you are trying to connect must list on the same wifi network. You will get a code in the app which you have to confirm on the HDTV and done.

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    Re: How to configure Google ChromeCast Dongle with Smartphone

    You have to connect the dongle with TV first and from the source list you have to choose it. You have to configure the network first. Once this thing is configured on widescreen TV then you will have to launch the chromecast app on your table tor phone and pair with code. You can also connect the same thing to your Windows PC. You have to download an application on the pc to use it.

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