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Thread: How to get to Higher Levels in Castleville

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    How to get to Higher Levels in Castleville

    I'm at Level 26 with 2618 castle points. I need to get to 4600. What is the best way to do it - is it to buy more royal buildings to get up there quicker? Just looking for some feedback from those who have expanded more than I have I have the witches castle quest done but would like to open up another plot and am stuck till I get to 4600.

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    Re: How to get to Higher Levels in Castleville

    Your level and your castle points are two different things. You work up level by level by doing things in your kingdom, those are the blue stars you see; you raise your castle points by building royal buildings. I am level 30 with 5,464 castle points.

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    Re: How to get to Higher Levels in Castleville

    To increase the castle points you need to complete as many royal buildings as you can.. you are allowed 2 of each building, I too am on lvl 26 but I have 4400 castle points, I have 2 or every building I'm allowed so far.. except the witches tower which I haven't yet opened.. can't get cathedral until lvl 28 so there's plenty of time to get the towers done.

    Then when neighbors tend these buildings they level up and increase your CP's too.. or not if they're naughty, I have only 2 or 3 loyal tenders so existing buildings are not leveling up very fast. however I think the basic count of buildings at this level, now with the INN and the Witches Towers should be enough to get you to 4500 for that last square.

    And you can still expand into all but that 1 square (the 4500 one) with 2100 points so you should be able to expand to make room for duplicate buildings

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