Finally iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is launched in India. The cost of iPhone 5S is Rs.50,000. The cost of iPhone 5C is bit lower. It is quiet costly and offer you sleek design. But there is good news for all. It looks that in the festive season Reliance is all set to give treat to all. This time you can buy iPhone 5S or 5C at a contract price from RCOM. You will have to signup up a 2 years contract with RCOM and get your phone. So here it becomes affordable to everyone. This is the first time when we are getting a contract pricing on the latest iPhone devices. The package will come loaded with an unlimited voice calls, sms and 3G data. But there is a fixed amount set for that which will be charged to you monthly.

The cost of the device will start from Rs.2,500 per month to Res.2,800 per month depending the model and plan for the next 2 year. Compare to directly buying Contract pricing is not so popular in our country. But for those who cannot pay a huge amount to buy iPhone can go ahead with monthly installment. RCOM has adopted a new strategy of delivering some of the best mobile phone models at a contract price. To finance the company has tied up with ICICI and HDFC.

The cost of iPhone 5C is Rs.41,900 and iPhone 5S is Rs.53,500. If you buy iPhone 5C then you will get the phone on contract after paying a monthly amount of Rs.2,500. And for iPhone 5S you have to pay Rs.2,800 every month. The amount will be continued till the next 24months. There are 32 and 64GB models also available. But charges on them are higher. For 32GB you have to Rs.10,000 more and for 64GB you have to pay Rs.18,000 more. It is possible that other Indian Telecom companies might also come with interesting offer with the new iphone. But contract pricing will be only provided by Rcom.