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Thread: How to install Android Operating system on your Windows Computer

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    How to install Android Operating system on your Windows Computer

    Since Android is released in the market I had seen people are trying to run the same on a PC. Android is a good platform offering you amazing features and lots of apps and game support. But it is only limited to mobile and tablet platform. But there are some options available through which we can install it on PC and get amazing output. Here on pc we are having better hardware. It will boost the app and game usage here. You can play all HD games to some extent. But on PC, things are bit limited. Also if we run Android on PC it will be easier for developers to build applications and games for the same. Because there is advance testing platform and tons of changes can be done to the interface. Since Gingerbread 2.3 people are trying to run android on pc. I had tried some downloads from Androidx86. But those OS has no support for using the network and installing apps from Google Play.

    The process which I am going to tell is based on virtualization. This will add a virtual layer on your system, which is not really like dual boot. That means you don't have install this OS separately on your hard drive. You can just install it inside the existing app and enjoy the same on your screen. You can install Windows at one place and you can install Android on the other end. So this will work fine and will allow you to use different apps and games on the same. So letís move ahead with adding the Android on virtual layer. This thing is possible through a free tool called as Virtual Box. You might have heard about Virtualization. This is the same thing.

    Virtualization allows you to add an OS in your system without modifying the boot loader. The OS remains inside an application in a virtual partition and you can start it from there. And if you don't want then you can remove it. So here we are going to run Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich OS on the Virtual Box. The process is easy but your system must have good ram and CPU. 4GB ram is recommended here.

    To install Android 4.0 OS on your PC follow the below steps:


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    Re: How to install Android Operating system on your Windows Computer

    Installation Steps:

    • Install VM Virtual Box in your pc. You have to check the compatibility before installing the same. Different software version is available for different OS. On Oracle site you can also find the same virtual box for Linux and Mac.
    • At the time of setup it will ask you to give a part of your hard drive space which will be resolved for the Virtual OS. Assign this smartly. You can use it in future also. ICS being small does not require much space.
    • Now extract the downloaded Ice Cream Sandwich OS Virtual Layer file. In that you will get MLite-Android-v4.0.4. This file will be used to start ICS on your pc. Keep it in on your desktop.
    • Once the setup is over launch Virtual Box.
    • Click on Machine and then click on Add. You will get a File Manager window on the screen.
    • You have to navigate and locate MLite-Android-v4.0.4 file. You can keep it in internal partition also.
    • Once it is selected at the left side you can see a Start button. This will be located on the top of OS. Click on Start.
    • After that the Virtual box might download some extension and add-on. Let it continues. This will enhance the functionality. It will download all required drivers and controllers to run the Android OS. If anything is stopped or error appears then do the entire process back again.
    • Another way to extension pack is going on the same site of Oracle from where you got the Virtual Box software. Find Virtual Box 4.2.16 Oracle VM Virtual Box Extension Pack and download this file on your desktop.
    • Just run the file the extension pack will be installed automatically in your system.
    • Again click on Start to run the operating system.
    • Here you are not going to get much but you can test ICS on your screen. Right now there are new updates also available. You can go on the same site and download Android 4.1 and 4.3 Jellybean OS on it.
    • This process is much better comparing to blue stack and faster also.

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    Re: How to install Android Operating system on your Windows Computer

    Instead of installing it on such resource hungry Virtual Box, i will better prefer Bluestack or YouWave. If these softwares can run games like Plants vs Zombies 2 easily then they can run any of your android applications and softwares.

    Anyways, personally i will prefer Bluestack or YouWave over Virtual PC.

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