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Thread: Manually Installing front-facing camera on Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

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    Manually Installing front-facing camera on Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

    You can know install the front camera of Samsung Galaxy S Manually. Here the US version of Galaxy S devices are not having front camera. But some are able to install the same. The camera does come connected in the phone. But you can add that separately. This is a simple process but a bit time consuming. So if you have a Galaxy S phone then now you can install the front camera manually by your own self. You have to go ahead with the FFC method which is simple but depend completely on manful action. This is a kind of tiny hack which really works. Unfortunately there is no app for that.

    You have to open the device here. Remember that any modification done in the phone void warranty. So you must do this on your own risk. You will need a set of tools to open the phone and buy a replacement camera. This replacement camera comes with FFC and you need a ROM also. Which has the function to run the front camera? So letís move ahead with the steps.

    • Buy Replacement Camera
    • Download the ROM from here
    • Download the Camera data file
    • Before moving head go ahead with some videos on web to find out how to open Galaxy S. So that you make no mistake.
    • Take a complete phone backup.
    • Root your phone and backup the internal rom also. So that if there is an issue you can restore your old settings back.

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    Re: Manually Installing front-facing camera on Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

    Installation Process:

    • Turn of the phone. We are going to open the phone here. So remove the memory card, sim card and battery from the backside. Keep the back cover aside.
    • Unscrew all the tiny screws located on the back plate.
    • You have to use an opener to remove the back plate attached to the front panel. Do this slowly.
    • Then the next step to disconnect snaps on. You will find the camera. Remove it also.
    • You have to take care a little bit here. You have to check that the connection of power must not get broken. You can safely pull the main board.
    • The FFC mounts is covered with molding. You can remove that through a paint remove. Remove it slowly.
    • Then add the camera on that and wait back for some time.
    • Connect all the parts.
    • Connect your memory card to the pc via card reader and copy the froyo rom in it.
    • Then insert the battery and memory car and boot in recovery mode.
    • Choose install from Zip card and choose the rom. This will add the new kernel and enable secondary camera to work.
    • You have to later on add the camera data file in /system/cameradata
    • Turn on your phone and done.

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