Few months ago in October 2011, mobile manufacturer Nokia had showcased a new concept named as ‘Kinetic Device’, which is a smartphone with a flexible OLED display. Following Nokia, Samsung too announced an another concept device – a transparent Smartphone-tablet mixture that can be rolled up like a newspaper. Samsung released a video, featuring its concept flexible and see-through tablet.

This video is representing a pretty mind-blowing new concept TABLET PC made up with completely flexible AMOLED display. Its so transparent and flexible that a user can see all the way through it, bend it, fold it like newspaper or roll it up. Its packed with all those features a Tablet pc include, we can use it for browsing, video calling, reading books, capture images and watching videos. The video is replete with special effects to show off as-yet unavailable-to-consumers technology.

Obviously, at present we are too far from an real production version of what Samsung is wondering about but Samsung is expected to launch this first ever flexible-display AMOLED Tablet in 2012.