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Thread: How to Root Xolo A700

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    How to Root Xolo A700

    LAVA Xolo A700 is a budget android phone which comes with 1 GHz Dual Core CPU and Android 4.0 OS. Being a budget phone offer you good output and is also great for application and bit of gaming. Rooting help you to gain super user access in your phone. Through which you can install tons of new apps and enjoy advance option. One of the prime benefits of rooting is that you can backup existing rom and play with custom roms. You cannot do is the phone is not rooted. Through rooting the internal rom is unlocked which has the OS. You can then find out various custom rom and install them one by one. If you are not happy you can restore back the existing rom.

    So here I am going to give you a very simple procedure through which you can root your phone. It is possible that in future you can get a new rom for your device. Which is a custom rom and will not work unless you root your phone? Remember that rooting voids the warranty.


    • Your phone must have maximum battery left. Atleast 70%. Do not go ahead with any process unless you have enough battery.
    • Backup your important data. This is not really required but just to take precaution take a backup.
    • Enable USB Debugging from the Settings section.
    • Download and install the latest usb drivers in your phone.
    • Download Root with Restore by Bin4ry file.

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    Re: How to Root Xolo A700

    Rooting Xolo A700:
    • Connect the phone to your pc through original usb cable.

    • It is necessary to once again check whether USB debugging is enabling or not.

    • Extract the downloaded file somewhere on the desktop.

    • From the folder look for Runme.bat or file.

    • IF you have proper usb drivers installed in your pc then the tool will detect the phone. OR else it will remain undetected.

    • If it is detected then choose 1 for Normal Mode.

    • On the screen you will get a few instructions. Follow them one by one.

    • After few while the process will be over. Once this done your device is rooted. You can install custom rom and much other advance system tweaking application in the phone.

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