Different features such as facial recognition support, voice commands as well as share functionality and remote play will be added for next-gen console with software update 1.50. PlayStation 4’s day-one patch has been detailed which is to be launched alongside the system by 15th of November’2013 in North America. A 300 MB system software update 1.50 has different functions and features. PS4 is designed to support a maximum of four users logging into the system at one time. Data can also be saved to play games later on and also to earn trophies by the users.

The “Share” functionality lets the players share images and videos with others over the Social networking sites such as Facebook as well as over the PlayStation. Through Ustream and Twitch, the 1.50 PS4 update introduces broadcast and spectate gameplay options. Also the new PlayGo feature in the updated game allows the players to start playing after the PS4 downloads a portion of the game. However, Sony informed that it will support all the games. With the PS4 link application for iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita 1.50 update adds support for Remote Play and Second Screen functionality.

Through the PlayStation camera , voice commands and facial recognition has also been updated with 1.50 update. With the PlayStation Camera players can register their facial image into the PS4 and instead of using DualShock4 they can use that facial image to log into the system. Using voice commands, players can navigate the PS4, using either PS4 microphone or the PlayStation camera. Voice commands also helps the users to boot up games and shut down system using their voice.

The new PS4’s 1.50 day-one update also adds a party voice chat support, background music player and also online multiplayer. Also, only after connecting to the internet and activating the feature, the PS4’s Blue-Ray and DVD player will work. Sony also informed that there are some features such as “suspend/resume mode” will not be available at the time of launch of PS4. These features will be added in the near future after the launch.