To Apple fans it comes as no surprise. The iPhone was the leading gadget punched into the Yahoo! search engine in 2011, Yahoo! said on Wednesday. Not only was it the top consumer item searched for, it was the time item overall, beating out the tragic Japanese earthquake and even Kim Kardashian. Yahoo! web trends specialist Vera Chan said that the new iPhone 4S and Steve Jobs helped make the iPhone top the list. Jobs, himself, didn't make the cut, though.

This list is full of female media stars, not consumer goods. This was the first year for Jennifer Lopez to make the Yahoo! top 10. "Her new position as a judge on American Idol and being voted America's most beautiful woman by People magazine this year kept her in the limelight," says Chan. Not that J-Lo lacks publicity. Her very public divorce from singer Marc Anthony wasn't scandal clad, but it kept her in the news.

Here's a look at the other names that learned how to use media to their advantage, and those that just hit due to tragic circumstances that touched and intrigued Americans.