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Thread: What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

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    What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

    What dose Nokia Refocus application does? I am confused with this thing. I was on web searching about new information on the Nokia devices. I found that this new app is capable of converting the device into amazing camera device. How will it work? I need detailed information on the usage. I am unable to get any info.

    My friend has a Nokia Lumia device; I tried to find the same in Windows Store but was not able to find it.

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    Re: What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

    You might have heard about Lytro cameras. Recently a new technology was released with it. Lytro camera helps you to capture better image and focus the part you want. Like if you had capture photos of group of people you can one by one tap on every face to bring it focus. While other camera blurred it. So here through this app you get a complete option to enhance the image focus. The phone is going to use the existing lens only.

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    Re: What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

    Lytro is really popular. It works on some light field technology. It is amazing and has a great feature of taking photos. The benefit of having this app is that you can also take good photos on low resolution output. So here the app just meant to give you clear focus and crisp image. Still it depends on the total megapixel of device.

    Like the high end model of Nokia Lumia offer you more than 8MP camera delivering amazing image output. Nokia has showed up this thing in an event recently on Nokia Lumia 1020 which has a 41MP camera. So you have great way to taking high definition photos and there is no need to look for any other app.

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    Re: What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

    Nokia Refocus App is now available to download on Windows Phone Store. If you are Lumia user, you can download the now by going to the store from your Lumia device or from Computer. Just note that the app is on available for Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020, and these devices should be running Amber update.

    Here are few screenshots showing what all you can do using this amazing imaging app:

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    Re: What is Nokia’s Refocus app for Lumia?

    Well the Nokia Refocus app is now made by default to many more Lumia smartphones in new Nokia Black Update. It seems to me that Lumia is going to take over the smartphone market very soon.

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