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Thread: How to Install Ubuntu OS on Android Phone

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    How to Install Ubuntu OS on Android Phone

    Ubuntu is a powerful open source operating system which comes loaded with many advance features. It is one of the most stable Linux distro available. Now you have option to install the same on your Android phone. Just imagine what you can do if you install a Linux OS on the phone. You can edit your files, configure ftp servers, write applications, etc. You can do numerous things as you are not limited to Android platform. You will be working on Linux. So here I am going to show you the different ways through which you can install Ubuntu on your device.

    The open source community is working on making an Ubuntu Smartphone OS which is out in the market for testing purpose. That is a different thing. That needs more research and understanding about hardware stuff. So here we will only follow the steps which are easy to follow. There are many complications in using Ubunutu on Android. A major issue lies with driver support. But still it is possible. Right now an official version of Ubuntu is available for Nexus phone. But you can also use one on Galaxy Nexus Smartphone. This new OS is optimized to work with mobile device. It comes loaded with a simple UI and you can also update it whenever needed. This new OS is based on Linux offering you to do more things on your phone.


    • Backup your phone data. Use a good backup utility and backup your entire phone data. It is very important. Because if something goes wrong, you will lose everything.
    • Root your phone and add Titanium Backup Pro. Take the backup of entire ROM and save it somewhere. The same can be restored later on.
    • Enable USB debugging. You can do that from the settings section. Click on Application and click on development and in that you can find usb debugging.
    • Just check that your phone has maximum battery left.
    • Download and install ADB from
    • Download Ubuntu OS for Nexus 4

    The test is done on a Nexus phone where it works really well. Now if you try the same on any other model there are maximum chances of having a bricked phone. That is the reason I told to you to back up the phone rom by rooting it.

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    Re: How to Install Ubuntu OS on Android Phone

    Installation Method:
    • Go on and download adb. This is an Android Debug Bridge tool that helps you to install the OS on the phone. Install it.
    • Once the setup is over when you start the tool it will ask you to connect the device. Use the original usb cable only.
    • In the command prompt on your system you have to run a few set of commands to configure Ubuntu. The first is:
      • sudo add-apt-repository ppahablet-team/tools.
      • sudo apt-get update
      • sudo apt-get install phablet-tools android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot.
    • Now over the Ubuntu OS folder which you had downloaded inside the ADB folder. You have to check in the folder. Move it in adb-tools or adb-platforms.
    • Once done disconnect the phone and turn it off.
    • Turn it on by holding the power + volume up + volume down button. The phone will boot in the default boot loader.
    • Then run the following command - sudo fastbook oem unlock on the device. Accept the terms and done. Turn off the device and turn it on back again.
    • Once done you have to type one more command to finalize the setup - phablet-flash ubuntu-system –no-backup
    • The process will take some time. Just keep an eye on the screen and follow all instructions. If everything goes well the operating system is now installed.
    • If the phone is bricked then you can restore the original rom back again with the help of CWM or Titanium backup pro.

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    Re: How to Install Ubuntu OS on Android Phone

    Thanks for sharing such useful tips NYPD. I just wanted to know does it work on any Samsung smartphones?

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