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Thread: New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

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    New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

    Hey guys, need a small info from you all. I am a huge fan of Micromax smartphones and as you all might be aware that Micromax has launched a new phone "Canvas Turbo". I'm really impressed with its name (turbo) and willing to buy one for me. But before that i wanted to know is there any thing new in this phone apart from its powerful specifications?

    I mean you might be aware that with Canvas 4, Micromax introduced some new features like Blow to Unlock, etc. Now if Turbo is more powerful and even costlier than C4, i wonder there would be some thing new and interesting. Can anyone of you guys please let me know the new features of Canvas Turbo so i can buy it happily?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

    There are several new features in Canvas Turbo A250. before going to the new features let me tell you that the very first thing that comes NEW with this phone is its Full HD 1080p display. None of Micromax phones ever had such high definition display, except Doodle 2 which came with 720p display.

    Now coming to the new features, Canvas Turbo has something new with its 13 Megapixel Camera. It comes with a feature called Camerazzi camera. Using this feature you can capture a 360 degree panorama from your phone.

    Another feature is Cinemagraph. You might have heard this name earlier in Lumia that lets you capture GIF image (animated pictures). Yes, you can now capture the animated pictures from your Canvas Turbo as well.

    And last thing is Object Eraser. As you can assume from its name about its functionality, it erases the unwanted stuffs from your captured image. We have seen this as well in Lumia smartphones.

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    Re: New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

    Thank you very much MegaTron.. that really sounds very good. This is why i love Micromax. They bring us many such features we see in high end phones like they did in Canvas 4. Now they have worked hard on the Camera and provided such great features. Help appreciated.

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    Re: New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

    Hi ,

    I am planning to buy Micromax turbo. Every thing is great abt this phone but I am just worried about one thing.

    Its internal Memory 0.98GB(For apps installation), 12.47GB(For user data)
    and no support for memory card.

    Can some one suggest me whether this 1gb of memory would be sufficient for apps?

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    Re: New features in Micromax Canvas Turbo

    Most of the smartphones today come with built-in option to change the storage memory. I'm sure Turbo must be having the same as well. It is not at all possible that Micromax will limit the users with just 1GB of memory for apps or games because it has very good and powerful specifications and users now a days surely download atleast one high end game. If it would be just 1Gb of storage people will not be able to download a single HD game because it takes upto 1 to 1.5 GB of game data. Obviously Micromax cannot limit their users with these functionality.

    So be tension free and but Canvas Turbo if you want to, there will be option for sure to change the storage/installation memory.

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