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Thread: Different ways to take screenshots in Galaxy Note 3

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    Different ways to take screenshots in Galaxy Note 3

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing Smartphone offering you many features and great specs. It is a high-end phone with HD screen and tons of new things. The Touchwiz makes it easier in use. Now it happens that you want to take the image of screen but you don't have any option. You go on Google Play and search out many apps but none of them works because they require root access. I am talking about taking Screenshot here. Most of the application on Google Play that helps you to take Screenshot requires rooting. They do not work without that. Rooting allow them to write on the internal storage. So here I am going to show you different ways through which you can take instant screenshot on your Galaxy Note 3.

    Before that you must all know that the latest android operating system comes with inbuilt screenshot feature. You have to press the volume down + power button at the same time to get image. This is the simplest way. In Samsung Galaxy Note 3 we have many other ways to capture a screen. We can do that through different modes like using the stylus as well. So if you have something amazing on your screen you can capture and share it instantly. This saves our time for saving the file and then locating it in the internal memory of phone. Galaxy Note 3 gives you around 5 features through which you can capture the screen. You can not only take the screen but also modify it. Simple editing options make the job easier to capture the part of image you want.

    So letís move ahead by checking all the features one by one.

    • The first method is of capturing screenshot in Galaxy Note 3 is with the Air Command itself. Just Bring up the "Air Command" by taking the stylus near the screen and pressing the button on stylus. From Air Command, tap on ScreenWrite as shown in the image above. Thats it.

    • The Second method is the most common one. The one which we can also use in other devices. The feature actually belongs to the operating system. In other phone you have to hold the volume down + power key to get screenshot. While in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you can hold the Power + Home button. If this does not work then press the Lock button + Home button for some time. The image will be stored in the internal memory which you can access through albums. So this one is the simplest one.

    • The Third way of taking the screenshot is using S-Pen. Samsung added many new things in S-Pen making it smart accessories. In other device the stylus is nothing. But in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it can help you to take instant screenshot. This work through the help of Air Command feature. You can take picture and you can also edit them with the help of S-Pen. To capture the screen move the S-Pen over screen. Take it bit high way don't touch the screen. You can see a dot on the screen and press the key on S-Pen for some time. Keep on holding it. You will hear the sound when the screen is captured. Later on you can use the same S-Pen for cropping an image, you can write on the image, you can use it for sketching and apply different colors.

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    Re: Different ways to take screenshots in Galaxy Note 3

    • The Fourth method also belongs to S-Pen only. This one is the fastest one. To take a screen shot press the S-Pen button and do not leave it. Press it and then tap on the screen with the S-pen. That's all. The image will be captured and it will be available in Galleries. A separate folder of Screenshot is created. So this one is nice for taking instant images and work really fine. I us this one most of the time.

    • The last method is through Palm Gesture. This is an amazing feature for those who do not want to use the S-Pen. The palm gesture is a simple swipe method through which you can take screen pictures instantly. All you have to do is swipe the entire screen through your palm and done. The phone will capture the screenshot and will save it in the default location.

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