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Thread: Must Watch Video - A user designing iOS 7 in MS Word

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    Must Watch Video - A user designing iOS 7 in MS Word

    In our daily life we see several videos on YouTube, some of them use to be from Hollywood, some from Tech, some of them from Comedy section while some from sports, etc. But here is a video you should really watch if you love tech or love Microsoft Word.

    Most of us already known that Apple released their new iOS 7 operating system with two new phones (iPhone 5S and 5C) which are ready to be launched on October 1st. The new operating system comes with new User Interface and new Icons. Now the question is "Was iOS 7 designed in MS Word ?" You will be surely asking this question after watching this video. Have a look:

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    Re: Must Watch Video - A user designing iOS 7 in MS Word

    Damn.. thats really very shocking. He is really an MS Word expert..but that comes later. First is did really Apple designed ioOS 7 in Word?

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    Re: Must Watch Video - A user designing iOS 7 in MS Word

    This is super cool, but I have a few questions:
    1. What was your motivation in pursuing such an ambitious and slightly esoteric project? Did it just pop into your head one day?
    2. How long did this take you figure out?

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