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Thread: Windows 8.1 Features and Review

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    Windows 8.1 Features and Review

    Windows 8.1 is a new upgrade recently released. This new update promise to give something new. You can test it before applying. You can download a Consumer Preview and test it out. We will test out Widows 8.1 today. We will see all the aspect and find out why this new Operating system is amazing. Is it worth to upgrade or not. Because on ample of system Microsoft is giving it for free. You do not have to pay anything for the same. At the first time when I used Windows 8 I was really happy with the changes. Microsoft took hard decision to modify then entire UI. This is because Microsoft wants to uniform Windows on all platforms. They don’t want to keep different interface on tablet or on a mobile phone. We had seen that Windows 8 is UI is commonly adopted on many platforms. We will checkout why Windows 8.1 is important. What things it is giving to us. This new OS has a nice search based support with better apps and settings options.

    Microsoft has revamped the settings menu. This new settings menu allows you to do more this time. It looks Microsoft was already working on the new interface making it more and more well. Being Windows 8.1 is a free you can enjoy the new interface and get amazing optimized UI on it. This time Microsoft from its side work really hard in making it better and better. So we are going to see till what extent it really fit to the needs. I had seen others are not happy with the new Windows 8 UI. They do not find it impressive. The reason was sacrificing the Start Button. Microsoft removes the most common feature from its popular OS. Which left many confusing? But this simply means Microsoft wants us to upgrade to get new changes and grow with technology. Here we have Metro UI. This is the new Start Menu. It has all icons listed on the home screen. You have to click on that to open. At the left side you have a charm bar which has Search, Settings, Power and other icons.

    When you start using Windows 8, it is necessary that you must first learn how it actually works. Understand the new things so that you do not get confused. Metro UI is a modern start screen. Do not get confused with that. It is a scrolled based screen. Whenever you install anything in your system an icon will appear on it. You can customize it as per your need. You can keep the important things in front and leave others at the backside. And if you are unable to locate anything then you can type the same of App in Search bar. That’s all. Desktop is added a separate icons on the screen. When you click on that a tradition explorer.exe appears.

    Let’s go ahead with checking out Windows 8.1 in more details.

    Lock screen:

    This was called as Welcome Screen before. You have a traditional User Account window with Password box. But this is modified and Microsoft added a lock screen on it. This lock screen is similar to one which we find on windows table. You can drag it upside to access the User login screen. You can add a text login details, you can add an image password and many more thing in the same.

    You can optimize the lock screen and change the screen as per your need. This time in the new Windows 8.1, you can run a slideshow of all your images. This new lock screen will pull the images from your local drive or from SkyDrive. This would be surprising also as it s also capable of taking out images on the basis of occasion. If you are using Skype then you can pick up your calls from lock screen and you can also take photos instantly from it like we can do on the tablet.

    Start Screen:

    Windows 8.1 Start Screen is bit different and more optimized this time. You have a tile size layout here and you can also modify the icons as per your need. You can change the size and arrange it as per your need. The screen helps you to get big size icons of weather and mails. You can also modify the same for standard size and customize as per your need. So here the resize thing is more changed and optimized. The apps are usually arranged in alphabetical format. You can modify that as per your need.

    So here we are not having any Start Menu but a Start Screen. You have all apps listed on the screen. Now check out new apps installed in your system you can swipe on the top side. To create a live tile you have to hold the app for some time and hold it for some second. You can create a live tile which will give you active updates. Here you can also personalize Start screen as per your need. There are few options but they are effective.

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    Re: Windows 8.1 Features and Review

    Windows 8.1 Search:

    Microsoft has kept Search as one of the most important aspect in Windows. Microsoft has tried to keep a universal Search box in Windows making it effective. The same Search box also helps you to search on web also. You can try to find a new game on App store or you can locate new stuff through the Search box instantly. It is really effective and fast.

    You can type the name of file on the box also to locate the file instantly. Here the Search box gives you a direct link to locate the apps and files. Search is newly introduced in Windows 8 and in 8.1 is more enhanced. You can app anything in that. You can search for photos, videos, songs, files etc. You can get all photos listed date wise. All you have to do is learn properly how it really works.


    Windows 8.1 now has an improved performance. It is more optimized to work with different application at the same time. Also the operating system nicely uses your screen resolution giving you the right kind of output you are looking for. Depending on your screen the OS optimize itself. You can resize the tiles and also adjust the resolution easily. You can open up your email and read it on full screen or just read a web page. It is better and nice. The text is fairly visible offering you clear output and nice type of support.

    Windows Store:

    Windows Store s bigger now. It promises you more optimized application which will work full screen on your Windows Screen. Windows app is separately built. Like Skype. This app has a full screen output with amazing touch support. And if you are not using a touch screen system still through your mouse you can have the same kind of eel. Here you get something similar to Google Play. You get categories through which you can find top free and top paid apps in all section.

    You can then choose the one which you want. Like if you are looking for some nice games you can search for top free games and that’s all. You will get all listed on the screen. What I did not found proper is the app information. In Google Play you get detailed information all app with screen shot and some also add videos. But in Windows Store you do not get all those stuff.

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    Re: Windows 8.1 Features and Review

    There are other many more things. Like the PC settings which is better. It allows you to do almost anything in the same. You can go in advance settings and optimize your system more making it more and more well. Internet Explorer is completely optimized to work on Full screen with nice support. It is smooth and great enough to read a full page content. The system comes with integrand photos application through which you can have ample of advance photo editing features. Like you can fix the photos temperature, tint an image or add some nice effects through photos filters. There is a color enhancement tool also that makes your photo more vibrant.

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