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Thread: Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

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    Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

    I was reading some articles about the next generation gaming console, Xbox One. I came through an article which says that it has been confirmed by an Microsoft official that the new Xbox One will require an active Internet Connection every second to work. Is that true?

    I mean, why do you need an Always On internet for any gaming console? Why "No Xbox One" without internet? Any idea? Will it be worth waiting and buying this console?

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    Re: Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

    Its all upto Microsoft. Nobody knows why they made Internet compulsory for the Xbox One. Probably it would be to stop the piracy or such kind of stuff. Infact in an interview Microsoft's Don Mattrick said if you donthave internet, stick with Xbox 360, instead of Xbox One. Really disappointing, isn't it?

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    Re: Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

    Hey guys, i heard something else, infact i heard completely opposite of it. I read in some article that Xboxb One will be an Offline control, it will not require internet connection. Why Microsoft is removing internet connection support for Xbox One. What is the benefit.

    It will be complicated to get game updates and to checkout new things on the same. I was going for a new console when I found that the new Xbox One will not have an internet connection support. It will remain offline.

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    Re: Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

    I am also not able to understand the motive of Microsoft behind keeping Xbox One offline. How it is going to benefit. PlayStation also comes with an internet connectivity through which you can download and install new games on it. And without that it is not going to work. Also if there is not internet connection you cannot play online. You cannot play multiplayer games also.

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    Re: Why does Xbox One require always On Internet Connection

    This is a big disappointment. It was confirmed by at E3 that the new console will just come loaded with a Joystick. To play games you have to use DVD. And you cannot expect any additional benefits due to lack of internet connection. If Microsoft really applied this then this will be the biggest drawback of new Xbox One. Because almost all console come loaded with Ethernet port.

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