Soon we are going to see the amazing PS4 in the market. This upgrading gaming console will have amazing graphic output, more power and sleek design. PS4 is not yet finally out in the market. There is great expectation from the same. Here we are going to discussion about the advantage and disadvantage of this console. What benefit we can have from this and what is not good. Because it is always better to analyse before buying a new product. We are able to find a short specification about the same. These short specs tell us the power of this console. It is said that the new console will be more powerful in terms of hardware and controller will be better. A recent conference held said many things about it. So here we are going to talk about the same in more detail. Is this console is really worth to buy.

There is just a short trailer released that does not give much information on the console details. But here we can find out more detail which will actually work to identify whether this thing is worth to buy or not. As per small details this device has a single chip CPU in the same. This single chip CPU which is amazing for gaming output. This CPU is low on power usage.

It will be an 8 core processor which is high end and amazing. You can simply expect a much better output for the same. For graphic card this system is going to have the next generation AMD Radeon TM Graphics. This is newly build graphic processor offering 1.84 TFLOPS. Integrated battery in the console offers you a rechargeable option. So that you can simply protect your console from battery outage. It is going to have a lithium ion rechargeable battery. For ram this would be the first console to have an 8GB ram in the system and for storage it is going to give you 500GB storage.

The good part here is that this new gaming console is a high end offering you ultimate performance and extreme output. You can play all high end games on that and expect a much better output. But Sony is not planning to add any motion sensing on the same. This will still remain the same console with standard output. The console is set to release in the end of this year which will have some free games with it. Like Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Final Fantasy XV, Diablo III, etc.

Now here the issue lies with the cost. This is far higher compare to the older one. Here Sony is giving you something really great, but you have to pay a reasonable high amount for the same. Compare to that I found Xbox much more reasonable and in budget.